07 Feb

The POUND Beat Ballad

About 2 years ago, I was sitting in my office in Santa Monica. It was around 8PM, the office was quiet – I pulled up a blank page and began to write. Something started flowing, and at the time I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. I didn’t share it with anyone for a while, going in from time to time to tweak it, add a few lines – I was writing what I...

03 Jan

Welcome To The Year Of The Bolt

  Good Morning POUND POSSE, You might have noticed over the course of the last year that a little symbol has snuck its way into our branding. The simple definition of lightning is a collision of elements that create an electric charge. Native Americans believed that the lighting bolt symbolized honesty, truth and morality. The Greeks held lighting as a symbol of intuition, strength and spiritual illumination while the Celts saw lightning as a metaphor for human...

12 Dec

Reindeer Poop Protein Balls

They might look like poop, but they don't smell like it! Grab our festive holiday protein ball recipe below - we call them Reindeer Poop! These protein nuggets are filled with delicious, whole ingredients that are naturally sweet and act as both a post-workout snack and a holiday treat! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Reindeer Poop Ingredients: 1C Medjool Dates 1C almonds 2T unsweetened cocoa powder ½ C unsweetened coconut flakes (reserve at...

06 Dec

Snowflake Granola + Bonus Salad Recipe

Granola is one of those rare versatile foods that is easy to make in a large batches and is an excellent addition to any meal -- which makes it a go-to for us during the busy holiday season. It can be used at breakfast with yogurt, as a snack in the office and even as a topping in a dinner salad! Grab our holiday Snowflake Granola recipe below, plus our bonus go-to salad recipe! Snowflake Granola INGREDIENTS: 1C slivered...

23 Nov

#POUNDquickie: Compass Jumps

We're turning up the volume with this #POUNDquickie that'll be sure to make your heart race this week! Prepare to make some noise and get your blood pumpin' fast with this quick, easy move. Make sure to stretch before you jump right in! We're calling this the Compass Jump, because if you picture yourself standing in the center of a compass, you'll hit all four corners with this move! Begin in set position with your feet shoulder-distance apart and...

16 Nov

#POUNDquickie: Backside Beauty

By this time next week, you'll be cooking up a storm and preparing to celebrate with your loved ones! It can feel overwhelming but remember, as we get into these busy times, it’s important to pivot instead of peace out on your workouts! Here's another POUNDquickie to keep you sizzlin'! A #POUNDquickie is a simple but effective POUND move that you can do anywhere, anytime. Whether you have Ripstix in hand or not, we encourage you to join in...

07 Nov

#POUNDquickie: Toasties

We're entering the time of the year where to-do lists triple in length and your precious free time (that was once designated "me time") is fading faster than daylight. In these busy times it’s important to pivot instead of peace out on your workouts. We designed 4 POUND quickies made just for you. A #POUNDquickie is a simple but effective POUND move that you can do anywhere, anytime. Whether you have Ripstix in hand or not, we encourage you to join...

01 Nov


Jennifer Puno AKA Puno DosTres is our kind of rebel. Puno has made a career out of turning her visions into realities, building online communities with the power of digital communication. Puno and her husband Daniel have created and now manage three separate businesses: "Made with Map," a community of travel influencers, "ilovecreatives," a platform for the working creatives, and "PeopleMap," an Instagram discovery tool. And it all started on a trip to Thailand. Puno, who...

26 Oct

POUND for PINK makes NOISE for Breast Cancer Awareness

POUND Pro Rolanda and her Posse held a POUND Party for Breast Cancer Awareness! Wake Radiology donated literature and breast self-exam reminder cards, and proceeds from the party benefited a local breast cancer patient. New Mexico POUND Pro Christy and her Posse spent one of their Saturday afternoons at the Rio Bravo Brewing Company for a POUND for Pink & Pour! Their event helped to raise money for the American Cancer Society. POUND Pro and breast cancer survivor Nancy Amano...

13 Oct

HER STORY: Nancy Amano

Meet Nancy Amano, one badass POUND Pro who fought her fight with breast cancer with a vengeance. She is a true inspiration to the POUND Posse. Here’s her story. Nancy first heard about POUND when the UFC Gym in Honolulu held a Master Class two years ago. She found the flyer interesting and decided to try it out. “[I] fell in love with the uniqueness of it,” Nancy said. You could say the rest is history. She began...