27 Oct

Tricky Treats: Vampire Bark

This Halloween – lure your next victim into the kitchen with this Vampire Bark recipe… (ok, ok we couldn’t resist). It’s a TREAT without any Tricks!   VAMPIRE BARK Ingredients: 1 C pomegranate seeds 9 oz bittersweet dark chocolate, finely chopped 1 T sea salt Instructions: Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or waxpaper […]

20 Oct

Sweet Potato and Fennel Soup

To accompany your kickass, productive schedule, here’s the easiest and fastest dinner (and lunch!) option that’ll keep you on track in the food department.

15 Oct

ROCKtober Pepita Salad

Chances are, you’re about ready to carve your pumpkins in anticipation of our fave spooky holiday, Halloween. We’re putting those pumpkin seeds to good use on our ROCKtober Pepita Salad! Recipe inside!

19 Sep

Tomato + Poached Egg Toastie

There’s nothing like pretending you’re on an episode of CHOPPED and trying to come up with something creative early on a Sunday Morning! Try out this easy breakfast staple!

01 Sep

Fall “Cure All” Smoothies

We live in a world where the medicine cabinet is our go-to at the first sign of sickness. What you might not realize is that the cure may already be in your kitchen! Here are four smoothies that will target fall’s infamous “symptoms”. You know them all too well: Stress, Energy, Dehydration and Sickness.

20 Aug

Banana Rock Poppers

… And then your stomach grumbles for something sweet while you’re watching The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon. Such an occasion calls for a healthy late-night snack that’s easy and that satisfies your sweet tooth.

18 Aug

Food Apps to Snack On

We travel. A LOT. (But you know this already.) If there’s one thing we come head to head with on EVERY trip, it’s FOOD. Sometimes we have enough time to spend an hour googling all of the city’s secret foodie spots. Most times, we don’t. 🙂 Luckily, there are 3 food apps that we’re app-sessed with that help us find local snack hacks no matter where we are!

16 Aug

Brussel Sprouts & Mushroom Hash

It’s Saturday morning, which means you’re still lying in bed reading this on your phone in an effort to spend just a few more minutes under the covers. You had a long week and you deserve it — AND a bomb breakfast.

13 Jul

Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing

Take your salad to the next level with our roasted garlic dressing. Add this to your favorite vegetables (like kale, radish, avocado, and roasted beets!) and say HELLO to your new favorite salad!