Become a Venue and Offer POUND® Classes

What are the benefits of offering POUND® classes at my facility?

POUND® is the fastest growing group fitness phenomenon in the world!  Adding POUND® to your class schedule will give you a competitive edge, attract new members, help drive sales, create a sense of community amongst your existing clientele and diversify your class schedule.

What does it mean to be a POUND® Venue?

Named after a concert venue, an offical POUND® Venue has all the tools needed to rock out with POUND® including the proper equipment, Ripstix®, and a certified POUND® Pro to teach classes.

What is a Venue application?

A Venue application is needed to register your facility as a licensed POUND® Venue in our system.  No fees are incurred for registration and there is no monthly or annual licensing fee.  To complete an application, click here.

What equipment do I need?

Ripstix® are the authorized equipment used in all POUND® classes; they are the key signifier of a POUND® class. They are a sign of consistency and quality because each facility that is an Official POUND® Venue conducts classes exclusively with Ripstix®.


Ripstix® add 1/4 lb extra weight to each movement which throws the body off balance, creating contraction in the core and stabilization system. Ripstix® create the same aesthetic sound as regular drumsticks but they are thicker, more durable and do not splinter.

I have instructors I’d like to have certified to teach POUND®. What are the next steps?

There are a few ways – you can send your instructors to an upcoming POUND® Pro training or opt to host an open training at your facility.  Or if you prefer a private in-house training for your instructors only, please contact us at info@poundfit.com

I’m a gym owner/operator and I want to offer POUND® on my schedule but I need to hire a POUND Pro to teach.

There are thousands of POUND Pros in over 100 markets globally, actively teaching and making noise.  We are committed to helping you find a rockstar POUND Pro.  Email info@poundfit.com and include your zip code and we’ll help you find the Pro for you.

I own a gym and want to launch classes. What do I need?

We’ve made it easy to become an official POUND Venue.  Click here to find out how to add POUND® to your class schedule.

I’m concerned about my floors. Can I still offer POUND® at my facility?

Most gyms have bamboo or rubberized floors, both of which are POUND®-proof. But, if you have concerns about your flooring, instructors can preface class by instructing students to sit on the center back of their mat (mats should parallel to the mirror/front of the group fitness 
room) so that the majority of strikes land on the mat.  Instructors can keep strike patterns off the ground by modifying choreography.

Get In Touch

POUND Pro Training

The upcoming training in my city is sold out.  Is there a wait list that I can be added to?

Yes, go to our training schedule page and click on the link to be notified of future trainings in your area.

I want to host a training at my facility.

Click here to review our hosting requirements and to submit an application for consideration.

I don’t see an upcoming training near me.

Go to our training schedule page and click on the link to be notified of future trainings in your area.

I need to cancel my training registration.

Below is our Cancellation Policy as it appears on the instructor training registration Terms & Conditions.


Cancellation Policy; Location or Date Change.


If you cancel your registration for Training more than thirty (30) days before your scheduled Training date you will be given a full refund of fees you paid to POUND® upon your request for a refund. If you cancel your registration for Training more than fourteen (14) but less than thirty (30) days before your Training date you will be given a full refund less a fifty dollar ($50.00) cancellation fee upon your request for a refund. If you cancel your registration less than fourteen (14) days before your training date, you will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of the Fees paid to POUND®. Refunds shall not apply to amounts paid for prior Terms or for any unused points in any loyalty program that POUND® may adopt from time to time. Should you wish to change the location of your registration for Training or change. date of your training you may do so more than thirty (30) days in advance by providing POUND® notice of such intention including the desired location and/or date. Should you desire to alter the location or date of your registered training less than thirty (30) days before the start of the training you must comply with the above requirements and in addition, pay a change fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00). The Cancellation Policy may be updated from time to time by POUND® at its sole discretion.

Are there any pre-requisites to attend training?

Prior teaching experience and official certifications are NOT required to complete training but are recommended to enhance your marketability as a POUND Pro.

I teach multiple formats but how do I know if POUND® is the fit for me?

All you need is a good, solid teaching background and the desire to rock!

Is POUND Pro Training accredited?

The POUND Pro training is accredited by top certifying fitness organizations including ACE, AFAA and canfitpro.  Training registrants receive a certificate of completion with continuing education credits from each organization.


Education Credits

ACE - 0.8 CECs


canfitpro - 3 CECs

REPS - 8 CPD Points

How do I become a Master Pro?

We periodically release our Master Pro Application through our online instructor network, The Label. When the application period begins we notify all Pros who subscribe to The Label by email so no one misses the application window.

Here are some of the minimum criteria we look for in a potential Master Pro:

1. Teaching POUND® and active on The Label for at least one year 

2. Certified Group Fitness Instructor:

  • United States: ACE and AFAA Certifications (or applicable college degree) 
  • Canada: canfitpro (or applicable university degree) 
  • Other Countries: Nationally recognized Group Fitness Certification (or applicable university degree) 

3. CPR/AED Certified 



The application process includes: 

1. Application form 

2. Video teaching POUND® in a live class 

3. Video lecture 

4. Written responses 

Is POUND® a pre-choreographed program?

POUND® is a pre-choreographed program. The POUND® creators, Kirsten and Cristina, take special care each month curating music with worldwide appeal and creating choreography that ensures a safe, captivating and effective POUND® experience for any participant.

Can I create my own choreography?

In POUND® we think of ourselves as a worldwide band that beats as one. Whether you take class in Australia, Europe or the US, you get the same experience and share the same movement language. It's our way of uniting our Pros and our Posse across the globe. It allows our participants to feel like they're connected to something bigger. For this reason, maintaining POUND® choreography with the specific track listed in the Label is important to us. 

I am a certified POUND Pro and I want to offer a POUND® demo/class at a local event in my area.

POUND® cannot be scheduled or represented (class, session or exhibitor presence) at any event without consent from POUND® HQ. Any unauthorized use of the POUND® name and/or logo is strictly prohibited.

If you wish to represent POUND® at an event, please contact POUND HQ.

Does POUND offer an online, distance, or at-home training program option?

No. At this time, the only way to become a certified POUND Pro and to be authorized to teach POUND classes is to attend an in-person training course. To search for a training near you, visit our training schedule.

POUND® At-Home

Is there an at-home DVD product?

Yes, in fact there are two: POUND Rockout Results System and Album 1: Sweat. Sculpt. Rock.

POUND Rockout Results System is our newest at-home fitness and nutrition product that comes complete with all the tools you need to rock your way to your best self – including 9 dynamic workouts, 50+ healthy and delicious recipes, your own set of Ripstix® and more!  Click here to learn more and get your copy today.

What’s the difference between POUND Rockout Results System and Album 1: Sweat. Sculpt. Rock.?

POUND Rockout Results System – is just that – a FULL system that provides all the tools and support needed to give you rockout results and meet your fitness goal – 5 DVDs with 9 total-body workouts, 60 day POUNDOff calendar, fitness journal, nutrition guide with 50+ healthy and delicious recipes, and more.  See what all the fuss is about here.

Album 1: Sweat. Sculpt. Rock. is a workout DVD with (4) 20 minute fun and effective POUND workouts.  Pick up your copy in the POUND Shop.


How do I purchase Ripstix®?

Single sets of Ripstix are available to consumers in our online POUND Shop and are limited to two sets per purchase.


Official POUND Venues and certified POUND Pro Instructors have access to purchase Ripstix packages: 15 sets, 25 sets, and 50 sets which are only available for sale in our online Business Center.  All packages include a POUND® bag and a 3-month warranty on Ripstix®.

Can I sell Ripstix®?

Ripstix® cannot be resold.

Are Ripstix® required for POUND®?

Yes, Ripstix® is the proprietary equipment to POUND®.  POUND® classes can only be taught with Ripstix® and Ripstix® cannot be used for any other program/workout.

Do you offer a warranty on Ripstix®?

We guarantee Ripstix® from material and workmanship defects for ninety (90) days from the original date of purchase.

Click here to complete the warranty form to receive replacement Ripstix®.

Are demo Ripstix® available?

Demo Ripstix® were previously available when only one package of 50 sets of Ripstix® was available for sale. Today, we offer a variety of package sizes to meet the needs of our POUND Pros and Venues.  The Rock Club package which includes 15 sets of Ripstix® is a significantly smaller investment and allows the POUND Pro to hold demo classes and build their class size overtime.

Shop Merchandise

How can I track my order?

You’ll receive a confirmation email upon completion of your order. That email will have all the info you need to keep an eye out for your shipment.

What is your refund policy for Ripstix®?

Ripstix® purchases are non-refundable.

What is your return policy for POUND® apparel and accessories?

Customers may return new, unused items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. 
Items should be returned in their original product packaging. The buyer will need to pay for the return shipments; return shipping costs will only be refunded if the return is a result of the merchant or fulfillment center.

Replacements and exchanges are not supported; customers can return their original order for a refund and create a new order for the replacement.

Customers must send back the returned items, along with your original receipt and order number, to the following address:

For UPS & FedEx:

POUND® - Rockout. Workout. LLC
ATTN: Returns
2990 Alessandro St #312
Los Angeles, CA 90039


POUND® - Rockout. Workout. LLC
ATTN: Returns
P.O. Box 39347
Los Angeles, CA 90039

A refund will be processed once the item(s) is received.

The Label

What is The Label?

The Label is the exclusive online network for our certified instructors, our POUND Pros, which provides them with tools, support, continued education and resources needed to delivery the most current and progressive POUND class including new choreography releases every month.

What are the benefits of The Label?

The Label is our exclusive online instructor network and resource center.  A POUND Pro needs The Label for career success, as this is where new content is delivered every month.

Within The Label, POUND Pros can:

·       Receive 3-4 new POUNDtrack choreography releases each month to keep classes fresh

·       Download POUND® Sheet Music for each POUNDtrack

·       Remix and throwback with over 100 retired POUNDtracks in the Archive library

·       Study up on core techniques and perfect new moves

·       Promote and post classes on our website to reach people in their communities

·       Access the Business Center where they can download marketing materials and promotional videos and purchase exclusive Ripstix® packages

I completed POUND® Pro training, how do I register and upgrade to The Label?

Follow these steps:

·       Go to www.POUNDfit.com

·       Log in using the credentials you created when registering for training

·       Go to the account/profile tab

·       Click the upgrade button

·       You will be prompted to enter in your credit card info; if you select the monthly option your first 30 days are free then it rolls into a $19.99/mo charge.  If you select the annual option, your 13th month is free.

Is the Label mandatory?

Label access is vital to being a POUND® Pro and maintaining Label access is equivalent to keeping your license to teach POUND®.

How do I update my Label billing information?

To update you billing information:

·       Login to your Label account

·       Click Manage Profile

·       Click the Update Billing button under your profile image.

·       Enter your new payment information and click Save.


If you receive a message on the screen that states “You’re not a paying member” your account is in our older system and you’ll need to contact us at info@poundfit.com.

Can I freeze my Label account?

If at any point a POUND Pro experiences hardship and needs to temporarily freeze or put their account on hold, we allow a one-time account suspension for up to 90 days. This 90-day suspension comes with no penalty. If you wish to freeze your Label account, email info@poundfit.com.

How do I cancel my Label account?

Before you cancel, email us to ask about freezing your account for 90 days.


If you still wish to cancel, login to your Label account, click on Profile, scroll down, and click the Cancel Subscription button.


If you receive a message on the screen that states “You’re not a paying member” your account is in our older system and you’ll need to contact info@poundfit.com to cancel.

The Workout

What areas of the body does POUND work?

POUND is a true full body workout.

What will POUND® do for my cardio?

Large, rhythmic movements comprise our workout bass line making POUND® optimal for building aerobic fitness. Additionally, moments of intense intervals and explosive movements allow you to improve your anaerobic capacity. POUND® is a cardio challenge hidden by motivating and electric music as well as the fun of drumming.

What will POUND® do for my strength?

Squat, lunge, twist and lift your way to a stronger and leaner physique. Deep, focused movements build muscular strength and enhance muscle definition. In addition, exposure to a multitude of movements and strike patterns ups your neuro-muscular feedback loop aiding in strength gains.

What will POUND® do for my flexibility?

POUND®’s techniques progress you purposefully through 360-degrees of movement allowing you to increase your joint range of motion over time.

What other body benefits can I expect from POUND®?

Balance and core strength! Ripstix® combined with POUND® techniques keep the body consistently adapting to a shifting center of gravity throughout the workout. Over time your core will strengthen and your balance will improve as a response to the demands of the workout.

Can anyone take a POUND® class regardless of age and fitness level?

POUND® welcomes participants of any age, level, and ability and musical preference through flexible programming, diverse and exciting rhythms, exceptional instruction, and good old-fashioned fun. Our instructors implement our tiered modification system within every track to ensure that the workout suits the needs and ability of any age or level of participant.

I have an injury.  Can I participate in a POUND® class?

You should consult a physician before engaging in any new exercise program. Physician consultation is especially important if you have a known injury or medical condition.