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It will and always will be more than a workout. For those that have something to let go of, POUND is here for you. In honor of the last episode of @nbcthisisus airing tonight, here’s a #throwback to POUND being featured in season 1. 💚
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We’re beyond excited for our first in-person @poundunplugged training tomorrow! Early feedback is in 😜⁠⁠“Have you ever gone into a workout not knowing what to expect and left that workout feeling like a new person, but from the inside out? That was my experience yesterday. I got to take a @poundunplugged class led by @kirstenpotenza and @amberlikethecolor, with my girls @getfitwithcynthia and @onceuponapoundpro15. And it was life changing in an unexpected way. I had thought that pound unplugged was going to be a lighter, gentler version of pound. It is not. Let me repeat that. IT IS NOT GENTLE-POUND. It’s more like 20 minutes of high intensity pound where I literally yelled out “nooooo” multiple times through the workout and felt like I wanted to ease up but then would look around and everyone else was still going so I kept going... And just as quickly as it started, the high intensity exercises were over and we did two minutes of rhythmic breathing while hitting the mat, which felt raw and primal after pushing my body into peak cardio but also brought my heart rate down enough to put me into an ethereal state as we moved into a guided meditation where I released deep emotional baggage that’s been weighing me down for years. The class was only 30 minutes long!!!! I floated out of that workout with a legit adrenaline high, my body felt accomplished and worked, and my soul felt happy, free, lighter, and energized. It was nuts and I want more.”⁠⁠#repost // @lbdoespound
#InternationalDrumMonth Highlight: Queen of Percussion 🥁 Sheila E. ⁠⁠Born into a musical family, Sheila E. first performed drums publicly at just 5 years old on stage with her dad to a crowd of 3,000. She began her career in the mid ‘70s as a drummer and singer for The George Duke Band. She left the group in 1983 and began her solo career. Her debut album ‘The Glamorous Life’ released in 1984 where she received three MTV Music Award nominations and two Grammy nominations. Over the years, Sheila E. has collaborated with Phil Collins, Beyonce, Prince, Ringo Starr and many other famous musicians. Today, she is known as one of the most badass and talented musical icons over the decades. ⚡⁠⁠Who’s your favorite female drummer? Let us know in the comments!⁠
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Us practicing our rebel faces for the new track drop 🔥#repost // @michelle_smith86
Just when we thought our Ripstix have seen it all 😜 If you could ROCKOUT anywhere in the world, where would it be??⁠⁠#repost // @cwanjana⁠
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