What’s it like to sneak inside the talent stampede that is the Recording Academy’s annual Pre-Grammy party?


Well, we found out Wednesday night and boy, were we in for a treat! Our friends in the Producer’s and Engineers wing at The Recording Academy (aka The Grammys) hosted their yearly extravaganza at the historic Village Recording Studio. The Grammys are Sunday and the Academy is buzzing all week with events and tons of our favorite thing– music!


We began working with the Grammys doing corporate wellness a year ago. Pound’s marriage of health, music and drumming seemed like a no brainer for the outstanding peeps at The Recording Academy. Nevertheless, we still fawned a little when drummer extraordinaire Sheila E cruised past us and almost collapsed when learning Quincy Jones would be speaking later in the evening.


The party was held at a quad-level recording studio called The Village which housed The Beatles, The Doors and countless other mega-artists during the production of their albums. Which others, you ask? How about The Eagles, Madonna, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, No Doubt, Bono, The Backstreet Boys and The Rolling Stones. Whoa. And as if that wasn’t enough to knock us off our feet, we found that the night only got progressively more iconic as Quincy began to speak.


For those of you who don’t know who Quincy Jones is…wait, we hope you know who Q is! He not only discovered Oprah, Will Smith some of the brightest multi-generational superstars, but he worked with Ray, Frank and Michael. You know…Ray Charles. Frank Sinatra. Michael Jackson. No big deal, right?!


“Q” has won 27 Grammys and still managed to converse with all of us like friends during his 20 minute speech. We not only felt inspired to work harder after listening to him, but also looked around the room and noticed everyone connecting in the same way we were.


Mr. Jones was honored with a lifetime achievement award and we picked up one particularly striking line from his speech. “The last things on this earth will be music and water.” Amen.


Musically yours,

The Pound Girls

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