Sun shining. Windy roads. Windows down. Music UP!

Feels like summer — right posse? Close your eyes and imagine it with us: Feel the warmth of the sun, the wind blowin’ through your hair, and your heart filled by the sound of your favorite new song.

If we could bottle this feeling to revel in it through the whole year, trust us, WE WOULD — but alas, that summer feeling is one of a kind and one that we think we’ve come CLOSE to capturing in your new POUND SUMMER PLAYLIST!

We chose our favorite breakout artists (and maybe one or two old faves that we couldn’t leave out!) and compiled a playlist that’s perfect to listen to while at work, to blast when you’re driving with your best friend for no reason, or to keep as background music at your BBQs and pool parties!

Hopefully there are a few artists in this mix that you’ve never heard of — the only thing we love more than our favorite music is finding NEW artists to fall in love with! So here ya go, guys! A little old, a little new, and somethin’ just for YOU — our Summer Playlist will tickle your fancy and your eardrums, no matter what kind of jams you dig!

We know you love music just as much as we do. Want to share any great breakout artists you’ve found recently?! We LOVE your music suggestions. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — you know what to do 😉

Yo DJ — that’s my song!
The POUND Girls