How could you not dig “electro with guts?” That’s exactly how we describe this new track by Major Lazer and DJ Snake featuring Danish artist MØ: gutsy, bold and original! “Lean On” is unexpectedly chill, obscenely catchy, and boasts one of the most uplifting choruses we’ve heard in 2015: “All we need is somebody to lean on.” Damn right, MØ!

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Lean on us 😉
The POUND Girls

3 Responses

  1. Hi poundgirls, I really love this song and I get requests from my participants to play this song in my class, so I’m wondered if this song will be in the Label soon. I hope so much !! thanks

    1. Hey Jessica! Thanks for the request! We LOVE this song and we tried to choreograph to it but it just didn’t work into the POUND formula! 🙁 That’s why we decided to use it for a Song of The Day — so we could highlight it and share it with you guys anyway! We like to play some music while everyone’s setting up, before our intro, to set the vibe. Play it for your classes there or as a (really energetic) cool down!

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