Kirsten and Cristina here! As you know, music plays an important role in our lives whether we’re searching for a hot POUND track or just looking for some daily mood-enhancing jams. 2012 was an awesome year for new tunes, so we thought we’d share our Top 12 of ’12 Playlist with you (in no particular order because we’re not playing favorites!)


Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars
We love Bruno because we can feel that he creates music that he loves, that makes him happy and that inspires him. You can also hear his influencers in each song! We love this track so much that it’s been added to our personal workout playlist. If you’ve got a Backstage Pass, try POUNDing to this one at home (It’s a fun one for abs!)


We Come Running – Youngblood Hawke

It’s catchy, light-hearted and we used to watch the lead singers old band in LA – Gotta support local artists! The album-version features vocals from the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir (and we think that’s pretty cool).


Ho Hey – The Lumineers
We fell head over heels for this band and this song! Simple melody, un-pretentious, and you’ve got to love the refrain “I belong with you, you belong with me.”


Some Nights – Fun
This song drove us through many a days in the office and inspired more than a few desk-drumming sessions. It’s so theatrical and refreshing.


Too Close – Alex Clare
This was one of many “commercial finds.” We first heard it on a t.v. commercial while chilling in our hotel room in Chicago (on the road for an Instructor Training!) We love the electronic elements, drums, and guitars!


Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
Two words: The Drop – It’s amazing, a great mood setter, and makes for a great POUND warm up. Try it! SO happy this band broke in 2012!


I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons
“So I’ll be bold, as well as strong—and use my head alongside my heart.”
These lyrics! So heart wrenching, emotional and instrumental! And who doesn’t love a Banjo breakdown?!?!


Lights – Ellie Goulding
We love the way Ellie distorts her voice – she’s an instrument within herself.


Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men
We can’t get enough of this catchy, gorgeous folk song!


Madness – Muse
Futuristic and retro – it rocks our socks off! One of Muse’s best!


Breakn’ a Sweat – Skrillex
Skrillex AND The Doors! We broke a sweat to this so many times this year that we can’t hear it without wanting to pick up our Ripstix!  It is one of the best tracks on any workout playlist – hands down.


Into the Wild – LP
LP is a powerhouse! This song was recorded live and in-studio. She’s a regular at the Sayers club in Hollywood. If you ever get a chance to see her sing, DO NOT MISS IT!


What were YOUR favorite tunes of 2012? What do you want to POUND to in 2013? Holler at us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know!


Peace, Love, and Ripstix,
The POUND Girls!

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