If you joined us earlier in the week, you’ve already got the secret to beachy hair for DAYS thanks to our Poundin’ Waves Ocean Potion DIY hair mist. Now, it’s time to re-capture soft, smooth, ocean-kissed skin!

Exfoliation, beach-style, happens like this: You wade into the ocean and the power of the water sand-blasts your legs, massaging your calves while you dig your feet into the porous, warm sand. You see dolphins jumping, seagulls squawking, and STOP THE MUSIC! There’s a cute surfer boy, too! 😉 We must say, hittin’ the beach is quite an easy (and enjoyable) way to get silky skin. And, sand + salt water inspired exfoliation 2-3 times a week is crucial for keeping skin bright, pores clear, and skin cell regeneration running smoothly (literally!).

But before we give you a simple DIY exfoliating recipe, you need these 3 simple rules:

C+K’s Scrubalicious Rules for Rubbin’ Down

1. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

If you exfoliate too much, you risk aggravating your skin and you will achieve the OPPOSITE of silky n’ smooth, ya dig?

2. Do it while you’re warm.

If you have goosebumps while you exfoliate, you’re at risk of sloughing off a little too much skin. Exfoliate at the end of your shower while dry, stubborn skin is still soft and while pores are open so impurities can make a clean exit.

3. Don’t you dare forget to moisturize.

Once you strip your skin of dead cells, you’ve got a fresh layer exposed to the elements. And, if you’ve just left a warm shower (eh hemmm, Rule #2), your skin will be dehydrated. Yes, your skin gets dehydrated in the shower – it’s counter intuitive, but true! So, it’s essential that you protect your fresh skin and replenish lost moisture with a kick-ass moisturizer!

One of the best moisturizers that we use is uber simple and inexpensive: extra virgin coconut oil. Slather it on after you exfoliate and your skin will LOVE you!

We're helping you bring home the beach with this Beach Buff Body Scrub! So good for your skin and au natural!
Now that you know these essential rules, it’s time to bring home beachy-soft skin with this homemade Beach Buff Body Scrub! We even tossed a moisturizer into the scrub (mind-blown!!) so you don’t have to worry about gettin’ dehydrated skin!

Beach Buff Body Scrub


  • 3 T Coconut Oil
  • 4 T Coarse Sea Suit
  • 2 drops of your favorite essential oil: we adore lavender, bergamot and grapefruit


Combine all ingredients in a mini-mason jar and smuggle it into the shower with you! Scrub your arms, tummy, legs and back in gentle, circular motions and rinse thoroughly!

It’s SO easy to make your own scrubs and we love knowing exactly what we’re using on our bodies — but, of course, we’re inspired by our favorite products! Here are some that stand out!

Our Favorite Scrubs:

1. Levels Naturals Coffee Body Polish $15
2. Kiehl’s Microderm Scrub for Face $41
3. Alba Botanicals Hawaiian Body Scrub $13

Now that you have all of our BEST tips, we hope you’ll experiment a lil’ and put your beautiful, beachy-fied hair and skin on FULL parade — but we would love nothing more than to SEE your lovely pics and feedback on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We know you are GLOWING 🙂

Life’s a beach,

The POUND Girls

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