Do you guys ever sit down and think, “How is it already the middle of July? And why haven’t I gotten a Summer vacation yet!?” Well, you’re NOT alone. It’s kind of freaky how fast the time zips by, but we’ve got a sneaky trick to recreate a summer vacay, even if it’s just in your head (or in your hair, rather.)

In attempt to keep the summer around for as long as humanly possible and to create our own little “vacation in a bottle,” we whipped up our very own Poundin’ Waves Ocean Potion hair mist! Keep your low-key, beachy hair all year long and take a vacation from heat-styling, blow-drying and out-of-control frizz this summer… and beyond 🙂

We first discovered the hair-power of ocean water on our Spring Training trip to Hawaii. After a full day of surfing and soaking up the salty breeze with our boys, our hair was happy, bouncy, and wavy — and au natural, just how we like it! We definitely skipped our regular hair washing routine the entire trip, and soaked up ALL of Hawaii’s magical powers, both on our head and in our hearts.

As always, we’re bringin’ it back to you, Posse. We LOVE sharing our discoveries with you!! Wahoo! You’re about to get all the magic from Hawaii in a little bottle with our Poundin’ Waves Ocean Potion!

Poundin’ Waves Ocean Potion


  • 1 Tbsp hair gel
  • 1 Cup Warm H20
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut oil
  • 1 Tbsp sea salt

Directions: Mix and shake in an empty spray bottle. Generously spray onto hair and scrunch for crimpy, sexy, waves.

Put on your Summer Playlist, shake up a Nectarine Diablo, and let the hypothetical beach vacay begin! And don’t forget to send up pics of your sexy, beachy waves on good ol’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!

To good hair days!
The POUND Girls