Whoever came up with the phrase “it’s the little things that count” was really on to something! Little things — like daily stress at work, family obligations, lack of “me time,” missed sleep — can build up fast, leaving you feeling pretty drained. We’re all familiar with that feeling, but if you feel like it’s been years since you’ve felt relaxed and refreshed — honey, we’re talkin’ to you! Luckily, there are also little things you can do each day to BEAT those stresses — and those little refreshing things will make a big, positive impact on your body and mind.

Creating small but significant daily rituals that refresh, reset and restore your body is important for all of us. Even under the craziest of circumstances, when we do one ritual to “treat ourselves” each day, we feel a sense of balance, ease of mind, self respect, and relaxation.

Here’s how we make the little things count each and everyday, in a big way!

 Daily Rituals that will leave you REFRESHEDSweat.

Sweating it out is one of the most direct form of stress relief. Carving out 15-30 minutes for a sweat sesh each day is a natural painkilling, mood enhancing, blood pumpin’ ritual that pays off!! A little POUNDing each day will keep you lean, healthy, and happy, but most of all, it will make you feel proud that you made the time to honor the vessel you live in each day. We want you to sweat with us each day, and even if you only have 8 minutes, there’s a ROCKOUT RESULTS workout for you! Learn about all the workouts in ROCKOUT RESULTS.

Daily Rituals that will leave you REFRESHED


Bust out your rubber duckie, dim the lights, and have a soak in a soothing Epsom Salt bath. Heck, light some candles and put on this playlist, while you’re at it! This 15-minute ritual instantly makes us feel like we’re treating ourselves right. And, that’s because we are!! Did you know that Epsom salts permeate deep and alleviate muscle soreness? Plus, soaking detoxifies, smoothes the skin, and reduces inflammation.

All you need are 1-2 cups of Epsom salts and 15 minutes to master this ritual. Fill your tub with warm water, add you salts, and hop in when the salts are dissolved.

Daily Rituals that will leave you REFRESHED

Tubs and duckies ain’t your thing? Try a steamy shower with 3-5 eucalyptus fronds strung to the shower head. The heat and moisture will activate the aromatic essential oils, opening your nasal passages and creating an insta-spa, right at home. You might even stay in there long enough to shave your legs. #win


A good night’s sleep is so vital for a healthy body and mind, but it’s always the first thing we compromise when we get busy. Sleep regulates hormones (particularly the the ones that control weight and mood), consolidates memories, and restores and repairs muscles. Make it a priority to get at least 7 hours of sleep and your body and mind will thank you! Resist the OTC Sleep Aids and try any combination of these natural ones.

Try these natural sleep aids!


Go tech-free.

The sneakiest sleep no-no we learned in college completely changed the way we slumber: light from LED screens interferes with circadian rhythms. Light hitting your eyes signals the brain to release wake-up hormones, and even the tiniest light source (like iPhones and tablets) 90 minutes before bed can have an effect. Avoid watching tv before bed, and be aware that scrolling through your Insta stream at midnight isn’t the best idea.

Set the scene.

A peaceful bedroom will get you in the mood… for sleep. After you get ready in the morning, tidy up so you come home to a peaceful bedroom. Soft sheets, lightly-scented soy candles, dim lights and spray of sleep potion will instantly put your mind at ease.

5 Minute Flow.

Repetitive, flowy, meditative movement stimulates the release of sleep-aiding hormones, which is perfect right before bedtime. Try out a few of these poses to gently prepare your body for sleep.

Still having trouble sleeping? Give our favorite Banana Peel Sleep Tea a taste.

Daily Rituals that will leave you REFRESHED

Banana Peel Tea-zzz

1 organic banana, washed

DIRECTIONS: Cut off both ends of the banana and boil in 3 cups of water for 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy 1 hour before bed.

How Does It Work? The magnesium in the peel will help you from waking up once you’ve fallen asleep.

We hope you enjoy creating a sense of peace, sanity and comfort through these simple rituals. We’ve gotta go steep a cup of banana peel tea and hit the sack, but when we wake up, we wanna see your feedback in the comments below! Which refreshing tip are you going to dive into first?

Refreshingly yours,
The POUND Girls

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