We Have a BIG Secret…and it rhymes with DVD!! The Friday Feed is where we all meet each week to connect. Even if it’s just across the maze of the internet, we adore having the ability to chat with you, keyboard-to-keyboard, screen-to-screen, and heart-to-heart. You always manage to give us the pep we need when our battery is running low, and we hope, in return, we give you the encouragement, love and inspiration you need, just when you need it.

We are absurdly giddy for this particular Friday Feed because we have a secret to share– a BIG announcement. We have fulfilled a request you guys have voiced again and again over the past three years (You guys just don’t give up– persistence pays off, apparently 😉 And you know what? We heard you loud and clear and are FINALLY able to give you what you’ve always wanted! What the heck are we talking about?!


As you read this, we are in New York City putting the final touches on POUND: Album One — SWEAT. SCULPT. ROCK. (What do you guys think of the name?! We LOVE it!) It’s our very first DVD and truly, text cannot even begin to convey how ecstatic we are to FINALLY be giving you an at-home POUND experience that feels just like a LIVE POUND CLASS!!

We’ve worked our little tail feathers off meticulously sorting through your requests and feedback, selecting the BEST moves and most effective sequences, and perfecting the amazing POUNDtrack we had produced JUST for YOU!!

Our one wish is that when you pop in the POUND DVD this holiday season, you’ll have an unbeatable tool in your living room to help you relieve stress, cultivate confidence, gain strength, and of course, feel like a bad ass, empowered, unstoppable ROCKSTAR! We will not stop until you have this tool in your hands, POUND Posse!

Stay tuned for behind the scenes footage, pics, and of course, maybe a few silly videos — we DO have our TOP POUND PROS on this trip with us, so you know some shenanigans will be goin’ down 😉 Keep an eye on the #sweatsculptrock and #PoundDVD hash tags on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for all the behind the scenes debauchery! 😉

With exhaustion, elation, excitement and love,
The POUND Girls