Good Morning POUND POSSE! It’s 2016!

Hopefully you’re reading this email from the comfort of your bed — snuggled up after a wonderful night of celebration with your friends and loved ones. 2015 was an incredible year, one that we will never, ever forget.

We spent the last year growing as a family. In fact, we doubled in size! We now have over 5,000 POUND Pros teaching to over 100,000 students, per week, around the world. And you know the craziest part? We’ve never felt more connected. Our bond is stronger than it has ever been.

In 2015 we traveled the globe, connecting through the power of music and movement. We had the pleasure of meeting many of you, and hearing your incredible stories.

Our vision for POUND was that it would become a workout that transcended the gym. One that would inspire balance, strengthen from within and most of all, elicit happiness. We wanted to create better humans. We wanted to create an environment for fitness rebels around the globe to feel comfortable, welcome and empowered.  

We couldn’t be more proud of the POUND POSSE family. In 2015, you showed us how to #MAKENOISE! You rocked classes, took chances and turned up the VOLUME in your life. You POUNDED in the dark, at home with Rockout Results, in parks, schools and even on stages! You came together when tragedy struck and stood behind your fellow POUND Posse when they needed you most. You raised over $6,000 for music education and put instruments in the hands of nearly 900 kids. You rocked with us on Periscope, on TOUR and at conventions around the world. And most of all, you were a true representation of the POUND philosophies. There were no negative comments, just love and support. We watched POUND Pros elevate their students by instilling confidence and strength. You created beauty and importance from the inside and lit up the world with every beat of your Ripstix.  And for all of that, we cannot thank you enough.

So lift up your coffee cups, and cheers to the start of a new year. A year where as a community, we will become stronger, more connected, and louder than ever.


Love always and forever,
Kirsten and Cristina

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