October is upon us and so is our favorite season, Fall!

The year is flying by and we’re spinning our wheels trying to keep up with everything, which has left us in a bit of a Fall Funk. The Fall season brings a change in weather, an adjustment in light and lifestyle, but it also tends to fly by as consumer culture forces the next holiday, months before it even starts! Whats up with that?

Everyone around us seems to not be feeling quite themselves as well… So, when we asked our girls at POUND HQ what October meant to them and they responded, “It’s kind of a filler month before the holidays. It’s a ‘slump’ month,” the lightbulb went off.

We totally agree — school has started, summer is completely over, and the holidays are looming just around the corner. October is the calm before the storm… but this year, we’re challenging you to make October more than a slump month — which is why we’ve deemed it: ROCKTOBER. Make the most of this month. Try new things. Wear new things. Listen to new things. Take advantage of this calm, say “no” to the slump and do something each day that ROCKS.

How will YOU ROCKtober? Tell us in the comments below!

Love, K+C

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  1. This month I plan to teach (5) 3rd grade classes POUND, and the importance of fun fitness, in their lives during their P.E. class the 3rd week in ROCKTOBER!

  2. I will be bringing POUND for the very 1st time to the island of Maui in Hawaii ! So POUND will be exclusively offered at The Gym Maui starting in October 2015! ~Aloha, Everyone, Chris Dee

  3. October 17th is my Birthday! I will be 50 this year and I still feel like I’m 20 something.
    October is Awesome!

  4. Starting some classes this month!!! Ready to #MAKENOISE! Oh and it happens to be my birthday month!!! 🙂

  5. This October i manage to add another two hours of Pound because people here in Limassol Cyprus really loved it!!!Iam so happy and full of energy

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