Moms: You run the WORLD!

Some days, we feel like two moms. The little POUND baby we conceived, nursed, and nurtured is now feverishly running around in the world all by herself, and all we can do is chase after her at warp speed, with love, patience and understanding.

And, it only gets more maternal from there, as we now have our beautiful Pros to watch over, protect and love. We feel a unique connection with our Pros, deeper than friendship and raw and unconditional, like family. So, that’s the closest we come to being moms at this stage…

…which is absolutely NOTHING compared to actually being MOTHERS.

You sacrifice your entire lives for another being, maintain patience under the most ridiculous of circumstances (just ask our moms for stories…yikes!), and live each day with someone else as the main priority. These are the unfathomable and downright incredible things that make ALL of the mamas out there in the POUND Posse so freakin’ special.

To the POUND mamas out there, we want to acknowledge you for all you do. You balance a ridiculous amount of absurd and demanding tasks, and live each day in a way that inspires us to be stronger, more vibrant and well…just BETTER. We honestly do not know how you do it all! You’re chefs, chauffers, therapists, inspirational coaches, storytellers, seamstresses, and healers, all in the same day, day-after-day. You do it all with or without someone saying “Thanks,” “You’re awesome,” or “Holy $#%&, you did all this for me?!” Yep, you do it anyway.

You aren’t just Moms, either. You are beautiful wives and sexy lovers, fun-loving sisters and attentive aunts, and spoil-’em-rotten grandmas. You teach girls how to be women and women to be powerful, confident and feminine.

You go to WORK on top of that. You badasses get out of bed on a mission to be bold and unstoppable in your careers and at home, with just as much vigor, give lessons, love and life to your family. You should be in awe of YOURSELVES, Moms!

You’re leaders, teachers, and teammates. People depend on you out there in the world, and in the world that lives inside the four walls you call home.

And on top of that, some of you are POUND PROS, taking time to meticulously practice your routines, connect with your students, and be the light in their lives, day after day. (That’s you, Mama Pros!)

Seeing this in writing should make you all drop your Ripstix and give yourself a pat (or a mini massage) on the back with those hands.

This next part goes out to our mamas, Ingrid and Lucy, who we want to shower with some extra-special love and adoration this Mother’s Day!

POUND Kirsten and Mom       POUND -Kirsten and Mother

To Ingrid, from Kirsten:

“As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true. She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart. I cannot now imagine a life without her.”

-Kristin Hannah


POUND Cristina and Mom              POUND Cristina and MOM

To Lucy, from Cristina:

“I smile because you’re my mom, I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.”



Do you feel proud of yourselves, Moms? You should. We want you to celebrate yourselves today, and in honor of you and all you do, use the code POUNDMOM to shop the POUND store at 15% off! But beyond that, know that you are LOVED, APPRECIATED and ADMIRED by us and the entire POUND POSSE! Happy Mother’s Day!!


Mom Promo

With love and admiration,

The POUND Girls