Head into the WILD with us and set up CAMP with our specially-curated list of Camping Essentials! These basics will help prep you for all your #POUNDontheROAD Summer adventures, so whether you plan on rompin’ in the Rockies, pitchin’ a tent by the beach, or restin’ by the river, we’ve got you covered!

Check ’em out and Check ’em off!!

  1. Backpack – A good backpack is the key to ANY successful camping trip. We LOVE Herschel backpacks for city AND country livin’. They’re comfortable, stylish, and the perfect home for all of our precious necessities.
  2. Blanket – Curling up next to a warm fire and roasting s’mores with your honey (or honey maids!) is best done in your FAVORITE cozy blanket.
  3. Matches – Honestly, any ol’ matches will do! We never learned how to make fire with sticks and stones… but if you know how, hit us up and teach us, STAT!!
  4. Sun Hat – Nature is our oasis BUT being exposed to the elements can wreak havoc on our skin!! Make sure to protect yourself and always wear a hat! Baseball caps OR floppy hats will do!
  5. Seasonal Fruits – The BEST part about being surrounded by the wilderness is the lack of access to real life – but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your FRESH produce at home!! Don’t miss even a day of the delicious produce that summer provides us: pack your watermelons, nectarines, cherries, and strawberries galore!
  6. Sunglasses – Our sunnies not only protect our eyes while we take long hikes up the mountain side and while that giant star in the sky (aka THE SUN) shines light on all around us, but they also save our squint!! We love TOM’s sunglasses – and remember, they’re #oneforone.
  7. Canteen – How great did you feel after #happyhydration!? We all know the importance of staying hydrated — especially when you’re exploring the great outdoors! Choose your canteen or water bottle of choice and you’re ready for ANY adventure!
  8. Pocket Knife – Head over to your nearest REI and get a Swiss Army knife! Trust us, you’ll need it. Opening a bottle? Cutting some rope? Got a splinter? You’re good. Not to mention, it’s pretty badass.
  9. Sunscreen – What’s your favorite kind? We LOVE SunBum – it smells AMAZING and provides unbeatable protection. Protecting our skin is the number one priority in the wilderness and don’t forget to REAPPLY!
  10. Jean Shorts – Denim shorts are SO incredibly comfy, durable, AND easy to clean. We LIVE in them in the wilderness. Whether we’re hiking, climbing trees, or relaxing in a hammock, you can’t go wrong with a solid pair of shorts.
  11. POUND Sweatshirt – Just because you’re not at the gym doesn’t mean you should slack on your POUND style! Pick up your very own POUND sweatshirt in the NEW store! (AND get 10% off by using the code: ROADTRIP).
  12. Sensible Sandals (Tevas or Birkenstocks) – POUND HQ is JAZZED that Birkenstocks are comin’ back into style!! Comfy, cozy, sensible sandals are a MUST for river walks and scavenger hunts around the campsite!!
  13. KIND Bars – We LIVE on these both at home AND in the wilderness!! Munch on a KIND bar and replenish your body with the nutrients and energy. They’re the perfect snack to whip out when you’re soaking up the unbelievable view at the highest peak on the mountain!
  14. POUND Girls’ Trail Mix – Goin’ to explore a new trail? That’s what The POUND Girls’ Trail Mix was MADE for!!! Whip some up and keep it on hand for when your body needs a little more fuel.
  15. Citronella Candle – Who likes bugs? NOT US!! Citronella candles keep the bugs away AND add a little mood lighting when the sun sets. Here’s a secret: rosemary does the trick too!
  16. Lomography Camera – We love documenting our adventures (you can follow them on instagram @thepoundgirls!!) but it’s even more fun to experiment with toys like the Holga Film Camera! What’s the best part? The SPLASHES of color that can only be created by the beauty of mother nature combined with the magic of film and light.

On top of that, don’t forget a tent, sleeping bags and pillows! We’ve created this simple How-To-Tie-a-Knot diagram, so no matter the tent or tether, you’ll tie it up in no time!

POUND Knot- How to

Last but not least, if you’re a true member of the POUND Posse, you always respect and protect the wilderness. We all  like to follow Leave No Trace’s camping and hiking principles to make our outdoor experience as friendly-to-nature as possible!

We included a camera on your essentials list, POUND Posse, so that means you better snap #POUNDontheROAD and #POUNDintheWILD pics and post ’em up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!

Into the Wild,

The POUND Girls