Can you hear it in our voices? We got a TAN! We saw the SUN! We took a Hawaiian vacation! Wait, you can’t hear those things by reading words on a computer screen? No prob. How does this pic look?! 😉

But before we got to swap our ‘stix for swimmin’ and the office for the open ocean, we had little mission to accomplish:

Launch. The. WEBSITE.

Just kidding — This was NOT a small mission. The new POUND website is a project we had been meticulously crafting for almost THREE YEARS. Bringing you the site, community and brand you see today nearly made us croak of sleep deprivation, excitement, and unbridled joy. Knowing that the site we’re passionately building was the product of your feedback, insight, suggestions and prayers kept us motivated. The thought of giving you what you had been asking for, begging for–the things you NEED– is what encouraged us. And, honestly, the daydream of reading your comments and messages about how stoked you are about the site definitely helped us be patient during the tougher times. 😉

It was all we could do to maintain our sense of well-being while working through weekends, late nights, and sunny days, and our vacation was a giant carrot dangling at the end of an extra-long Ripstick. But, more importantly, we DID make it through. The site did launch. And boy-oh-boy, are we proud and excited that our site finally represents us, POUND, and most importantly, YOU!

Have you gotten to enjoy all the new capabilities of the new site? And do you LOVE the new POUND-authentic look, personal feel and playful imagery we used to embody the brand? Have a look if you haven’t cruised by yet!


So, back to what we were saying about looking forward to our vacation and why we needed it so much…

We share everything with you guys. If you’re a part of POUND, then you’re a part of us– that’s our motto, and we hope you know that. So, we’ll share this with you:

We’ve spent the last three years in the “POUND trenches,” slowly building and creating the POUND world– the POUND platform. It’s taken unconditional love, patience, and strength to work hard enough to give you what we feel like you deserve. We will never stop improving, building, listening and learning, but the time came to FINALLY take a little break once the first stage of the site launched. We were definitely getting a little pooped, and had sacrificed all our free time to elevate the POUND community to the level you guys deserve it to be at. But, we knew that to keep things moving and fresh, WE needed to feel fresh– and after attempting to schedule a training in Hawaii for a year, we FINALLY made it happen, with a little extra vacation added on! Oh yeah, we decided to bring our BOYFRIENDS along for the FIRST TIME EVER for a few extra days of FUN, too!

Fun fact: we had NEVER been to Hawaii before — Stefan was the only one in our crew who had been. (His family is from there!)


The Pig and the Lady

As you guys know, eating is one of our favorite pastimes, and on vacation, especially THIS one, your suspicions about us taking it up to another level are correct. Oh, yes. We hit a local fave that night for dinner, The Pig and the Lady, where the food was freakishly delicious and the vibe was freakishly POUND-ish. From the well-branded menu, to cheekily-named cocktails like the “I Swear,” “Fancy,” and fittingly, the “Day Off,” The Pig and the Lady only went up from there.

Have you ever seen a bone marrow volcano? We hadn’t either. This thing was literally a foot tall, towering off the plate and oozing with marrow and Hawaiian spices. It blew our minds (and our palattes) and prepped us to be wowed by the Hamhock Croquettes, a whole fried fish, Pho soup and of course, Calamansi lime panna cotta! Both of us and the boys pigged out that night, but these two are the only ones who showed it, apparently.

Piggy Boys- POUND
K Bday - POUND

The next morning, we headed to UFC Gym for our first ever Hawaiian POUND PRO TRAINING! And, for the first time ever, the time difference was in our favor– training started at 9am, which felt like noon, West Coast time. The day was off to a brilliant start already, and we felt rested and excited to meet our new team of Pros.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Dawn, Jane and Kelly, who had prepped the room for us and even gave us two beautiful leis! We wore them throughout the whole training, well, at least until the Rage track came along 😉 Our Hawaiian Pros were so good, so hard-working and so fun that 8 hours zipped by, faster than a speeding dolphin. Here we all are at the end of a sweaty, successful day!

Hawaii Training

That night, we met up with Stef’s family at Asian Manoa for Chinese. Chatting with them about all the local surf spots really started to tickle the boys, so we planned a surf sesh for the following day in Waikiki before leaving for the North Shore.

The next day, the weather was a bit chilly (we found out the week we were there was a record low for Hawaii!), but we still bolted to the beach in the morning. Jeremy and Stefan paddled out, and we warmed our tired, sore bodies on the sand and enjoyed the sound of laughing children and vacationing adults. We finally got warm enough to dunk in the sea, so we slowly waded in, realizing that the bottom was made of sharp rocks. Oh wait, those “rocks” were actually reef, something we had never encountered before! We finally made it out to the boys, with a few cuts and bruises, and of course, we stole their boards. We wanted to catch some waves, too! We eventually paddled back to shore to rent our own, and spent the rest of the day longboarding.

We had so much fun that we lost track of time– we needed to check out of the hotel by noon and it was definitely way later. (Whoops!) We scrambled back, packed up, and headed to the North Shore. The real adventure was about to begin!

Hawaii Beach

C and Stef- POUND

K and J- PoundWhen we arrived to the North Shore, we knew vacation was real. Seriously, it was so amazing and rural that the only thing that woke us up each morning was the rumble of waves and the rukus of wild roosters. Each day, we visited the Beet Box or Hal’iewa Bowls for Acai bowls and then went searching for the perfect beach. We ended up scouring almost every coast of Oahu, from Pipeline, to Waimea, and even over to Sandy Beach.

We’ll let the pictures do the talkin’ from here.


On our final day, we were bummed that we still had not seen any ocean wildlife. The weather was so chilly and windy that the shark cage swimming adventure we have scheduled had been cancelled three days in a row, but that, friends was a blessing in disguise…because we discovered Island View Hawai’i instead, a father/son team that gave us a true, authentic, unforgettable experience.

We hopped aboard the Mo’o, hung on (for dear life), and experienced the ocean from the vantage point of true locals– locals who cherish the ocean, it’s inhabitants, and it’s power. These guys were the real deal. We dropped an anchor just outside the break at Waimea (one of the biggest breaks in the world), hopped out of the boat, and stared face-to-face with the open ocean.


pound Long photo #2

We could hear the whales chatting with each other in the water, and were immediately greeted by a lone turtle taking a leisurely stroll through the choppy swells. Continuing to swim in our own little pack, we spied on schools of fish, but mostly, as far as the eye could see, we experienced the absolutely vast, unadulterated ocean, which was almost more humbling and impressive than seeing anything else. Oh yes, one of us had an underwater camera case for our phone, and in valiant attempt to capture all the sights, ended up with this:

Scuba #1
And this…
C Scuba

There are over 40 of those. #awesome

Pound Girls- Hawaii Legs

Just like our favorite Starbucks half black tea/half cool-lime Refresher kick-starts a happy day, our trip to the stunning North Shore and beautiful Honolulu refreshed our love and passion for POUND. We came back to the Mainland with new eyes, new energy, and a new appreciation for taking time off. We even brought back a little new lingo, too– mahalo!

Peace, love and leis,
The POUND Girls