That moment when you’re grateful for taking a shower because it’s your ONLY free time alone. We all know it. It even has it’s own hashtag: #poundgirlproblems

We’re on your side, POUND Posse, figuring out ways to turn your precious and scarce “me time” into a restorative, blissful experience. That’s why today, we’re showing YOU how to turn your shower into a miniature SPA. You won’t wanna leave! (but remember not to waste water!)

TWEAK your SHOWER – Eucalyptus Spa Leaves

  • 5 small branches of Eucalyptus leaves
  • 1 foot of rope or twine

Simply tie your branches together in a bundle, leaving the long end of rope free. Attach bundle to your shower head so it hangs against the wall (not directly under the water).

The steam and mist will unlock the fragrant Eucalyptus oil inside the leaves and the scent will open your chest and nasal cavities. You’ll be able to take that big, deep breath you’ve been needing 🙂

Oh yeah, and the scent of eucalyptus will conjure memories of the spa — eucalyptus towels, anyone??

Even the simple things count and doing this TINY TWEAK will remind you that you are worth the extra minute it takes to hang up your Eucalyptus spa leaves.

Breathe, relax and enjoy your steam room spa adventure, POUND Posse, and once you’re done, share your thoughts with us onFacebookInstagram and Twitter! We suspect we’ll be seeing lots of pretty pics of this one 🙂

Breathe, relax and shower,
The POUND Girls