Sizzle Shoot Day-17

02 Feb NEW Pro Training: POUND Amplify

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In true POUND fashion, we're starting this New Year in a very LOUD way with the launch of a new training called POUND AMPLIFY. You probably heard that POUND Amplify is only open to Label Pros, like many of YOU! As such, we wanted to share some behind the scenes insights on why we created this training and how we think it will TURN UP your teaching for years to come!

As a community, we believe that we have the ability to inspire a nation, to turn the fitness world on its head, and to truly find alternative ways to ROCK -- in life, in our careers -- and as humans! The POUND Amplify training course was designed to elevate and ignite the Pound Pro Community. We believe that POUND is much more than a workout -- the true magic of POUND lies within you, our POUND Pros.

ENHANCE your knowledge by deconstructing the POUND formula to create the most fun, effective and addictive class for participants of all ages and any stage. 

There's a method to our madness at POUND. Everything from our Set List programming, track choices, movement techniques, teaching methods, attire, and more, wrap up into what we call the POUND formula. In POUND Pro Training, you learned the high level elements needed to teach a killer POUND class. In Amplify, we teach you the WHY behind everything POUND to elevate your teaching and grow your posse. Amplify teaches you how to create the ideal POUND class experience using our time tested techniques.

STRENGTHEN your bond and make your mark within the POUND Pro community.

In POUND Pro Training you learned that you are the audience to your posse's rock show. In Amplify, we turn the spotlight on YOU so you can show what you know and learn from the skills of other Pros. Amplify is the ultimate space to connect as a POUND Pro community, gain insightful tips to strengthen your teaching and build your classes, and observe the unique characteristics other Pros bring to their POUND classes.

INTENSIFY your teaching and performance skills and celebrate the Permission to Rock!

POUND class should be a rock show experience. It's up to you to bring some energy, excitement and magnetism to your teaching. When you unleash your inner rockstar and perform a POUNDtrack, you create an optimal environment for your posse to do the same. In Amplify you'll learn how to crank the volume on your POUND leadership skills making your class the ultimate fitness addiction.

Register for POUND Amplify.

We're looking forward to an amazing 2016 with YOU!

Much Love,

Kirsten and Cristina

  • Stasinopoulou maria
    Posted at 13:48h, 02 February Reply

    I want to be instructor..i live in with me please

    • Avatar of POUND ADMIN
      Posted at 11:44h, 12 February Reply

      Hi Maria! We have a training coming up in Cyprus! You can register at

  • Veronique Pare
    Posted at 04:17h, 13 May Reply

    After taking the instructors training class, what do I have to do to become a school who teach Pound Fit? Thank you in advance for your answer.

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