Setting goals and intentions - highway to well tour
26 Apr

Get Ready, Get Set: Setting realistic goals and expectations

Hey TOURmates! We can't tell you how excited we are to start TOUR. We're spending this week setting our intentions for the month to come and thought it might be nice to do a little pre-tour exercise as a community. Our entire team at POUND HQ has a TOUR Journal. In the week leading up to TOUR, we're taking notes; we're writing down what we eat, how we're feeling (emotionally, phsyically, and mentally), and we're setting out goals...

Pickled Asparagus Recipe
15 Apr

Why Pickled Asparagus will Impress at Sunday Brunch

You know we love to experiment in the kitchen and we wanted to share one of our favorite techniques: pickling! Pickled vegetables are staples in our refrigerators; Onions, hardboiled eggs, beets -- you name it, you can pickle it! Recently, we experimented with pickled asparagus and fell in love with the kick the vinegar and spice mixture adds to an already flavorful vegetable. Here's our pickled asparagus recipe plus an extra one to spice up your Sunday brunch cocktail ;) Pickled Asparagus: 1 bunch...

Travel Carry On Must Haves
04 Apr

How To: Keep Calm and Carry On

  Fewer skills are more vital these days than packing the perfect carry on! Lately, we've been traveling a lot and we've nailed down our carry-on essentials from beauty products to playlists! This week, a few of us from HQ are traveling to Kholn, Germany to attend of of the biggest fitness conventions in the world - FIBO! As we get ready for our big trip, we thought we'd share our go-to carry on list, guaranteed to make any...

22 Mar

FREE Mixtape Meals E-Book

Almost simultaneously, February reared it’s head and our New Years resolutions began to fade. We noticed, by listening to our team at POUND HQ, that those food issues that we all resolved to fix were coming back with a vengeance -- so we took the month of LOVE and the HEART as an opportunity to challenge ourselves to do just that -- LOVE our HEARTS. 15 HEART HEALTHY INGREDIENTS, 15 RECIPES, UNDER $70. NO WASTE, LOW...

3 Ways To Go Green and Get Clean
03 Mar

3 Ways To Go Green and Get Clean

Going into the wild inspires us to slough off the old (and dusty) to make room for the new. We're making small changes (tweaks!) to refresh this month. We're going green and getting CLEAN! Here's how: 1. Unplug: Do yourself a favor and embark on a digital cleanse! Do you check Instagram before your feet even touch the floor in the morning? (Guilty). And how often do you see someone walking down the street without their iPhone...

Let's go INTO THE WILD this March.
01 Mar

Marching Into The Wild

Welcome to March POUND Posse! It’s so hard to NOT get excited this month. Spring is around the corner and although the year is zooming by, this time of year always feels like a rebirth. It's such a badass feeling to be able to cleanse and awaken as the seasons change. The beginning to this year felt like a tornado (as it probably did for you too!) and it's left us feeling like all we want to...

Chocolate is definitely NOT a bad thing! Here's 4 reasons to eat more!
13 Feb

4 Reasons To Eat More Chocolate

Eating a little bit of 70% dark cacao has many benefits for your heart! Here are our top 4 reasons to indulge! 1. Not-so-radical, radicals. Antioxidants combat free radicals, the nasty molecules that lead to the spread of health problems. Heart disease and cancer are just two of the afflictions that free radicals can ignite, so fight back by bitin' down on some chocolate! 2. Don't get inflamed. What's the big deal about inflammation, anyway? Inflammatory processes that persist in...

POUND Pro Holly's incredible transformation! #LOVELOUDER
10 Feb

The POUND Effect: Holly Caron

Holly decided to make loving herself, and her a family a priority – a decision that would ultimately change her life. Here is her story. Hey! My name is Holly and I'm a POUND Pro in Manchester, New Hampshire. POUND has been a wonderful adventure where I get to be a rockstar, inspire others, and (for 45 minutes) forget about the outside world...

See Holly's Rockout Results!
04 Feb

Where Are They Now? Master Pro Holly Benavente’s Rockout Results

Prior to finding POUND, I struggled to find the right workout and a fitness community that would be sustainable, enjoyable, and uplifting! Losing pounds and feeling motivated lasted for a brief time, but the biggest mental and emotional shift I had - and the reason that I've stuck with POUND for so long - is because of it's uplifting and empowering nature. I'd get so down on myself when I felt like I'd fallen off...

This february, we're challenging ourselves to make as many recipes as possible out of these 15 HEART healthy ingredients! Join us at #mixtapemeal!
02 Feb

Mixtape Meals For Your Heart

At POUND, we like to LOVE LOUDER! How do we do that? We eat with heart healthy ingredients so our hearts are as strong and as loud as our classes are! This month we're lacing up our problem solving boots and attempting the impossible. Get ready for MIXTAPE MEALS! 15 heart healthy ingredients, 15 recipes+, under $70. No waste, low cost, endless ideas.   It all started the first week of January. The new years resolutions were starting,...