Sizzle Shoot Day-17
02 Feb

NEW Pro Training: POUND Amplify

In true POUND fashion, we're starting this New Year in a very LOUD way with the launch of a new training called POUND AMPLIFY. You probably heard that POUND Amplify is only open to Label Pros, like many of YOU! As such, we wanted to share some behind the scenes insights on why we created this training and how we think it will TURN UP your teaching for years to come! As a community, we believe...

Meghan lost 50lbs and got back to her pre-baby weight with POUND! Read her story!
21 Jan

Where Are They Now: Meghan Nyback’s Rockout Results!

Our friend Meghan has been POUNDing with us since the beginning - we could always count on her pretty face to be in the front row and as we rolled out our DVDs, she was always one of the first to buy! Life got crazy for Meg - and fast! She met and married the love of her life, Josh, and they just welcomed Wiley into the world!   We missed having Meghan in class - but...

19 Jan

THIS. IS. POUND – Rockout. Workout.

Sweat drops roll down your face. Music swells. Ripstix STRIKE. Basslines reverb into your soul. You're no longer working out, you're ROCKING OUT.  &nsbp; THIS. IS. POUND. Huge thanks to our director Alex Rydell, our DP Brian Beckwith, and our amazing team....

03 Jan


To us, the HIGHWAY to WELL is about making the most of each day, treating our bodies and minds like royalty, putting in the work to achieve our goals, and enjoying each stop on our journey throughout 2016. Life moves too fast. Let’s put some miles in, throw up some dirt and make some badass memories!...

01 Jan

Happy New Year from K+C!

Good Morning POUND POSSE! It's 2016! Hopefully you're reading this email from the comfort of your bed -- snuggled up after a wonderful night of celebration with your friends and loved ones. 2015 was an incredible year, one that we will never, ever forget. We spent the last year growing as a family. In fact, we doubled in size! We now have over 5,000 POUND Pros teaching to over 100,000 students, per week, around the world. And...

Ass Pass - Jan 2015 - cropped-2
30 Dec


Want to get your ASSets ready for 2016? Try this A$$ Pass move: O.H. Thrusts! O.H. stands for Over-the-Head which is what your sticks will be doing. With your Ripstix (or wooden spoons!), lie down on your mat with your sticks overhead. Make sure your core is braced, your spine is in a neutral position and your shoulders are relaxed away from your ears. Roll up into a pelvic bridge, starting from the bottom of your spine...

Molasses Cookies-3
22 Dec

All About The Blackstrap Molasses Morsels

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Tis the season of many many cookies. Raise you're hand if you're a snickerdoodle fan? Frosted sugar? How about good ol' chocolate chip? We're fans of them all! But this year, we're crushing on Gluten-Free Blackstrap Molasses Morsels!   Blackstrap Molasses might sound like gibberish to you, if you've never worked with it before. But don't be shy! Try something new with us this year and get your hands dirty! Molasses is worth it! Blackstrap Molasses contains...

20 Dec

We Survived #12daysofPOUND and YOU ROCKED!

We're pleased to announce the winner of 2015 12 Days of POUND is Ashleigh Bunton! We asked you what your favorite part of 12 Days was and your responses were beautiful. Our favorite part was hearing from YOU, our community, and getting to know you better. Here are only a handful of the moving comments and posts we received over the last two weeks:     Day 7 of #12daysofPOUND ! Today's command was for POUND...

11 Dec

Q+A with Michelle Opperman

 1. My favorite season is: Spring! 2. This is my coffee order: Iced Green Tea  =) 3. If I could only eat ONE food for the rest of my life, it would be: Coconut Oil Popcorn 4. Three words that people use to describe my class are: High Energy + FUN 5. The best advice I ever received was...

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.04.07 PM
10 Dec

Our POUND Posse of #uncommonathletes

I am an #uncommonathlete because I have never worked out or played sports in my life before leaving my body unknowing of what it could be. But yet since starting #pound #poundrockoutworkout I have developed mussels and stamina that I never knew I could have. I have reached goals that I never thought I could after 8 months of being in the #poundposse I now feel stronger then I ever have. Continuing to maximize my...