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WIFA Retreat

May 14 • Virtual

Join us with WIFA for a pre-recorded virtual retreat as Amy chats about ‘Building Support and Empowering Online Communities.’

The WIFA Retreats are designed to be included in your self-care tool-kit.
Let’s face it, we’ve all got zoom fatigue and the last thing we want to do is stick you behind a screen non-stop.

Actually relaxing is the hardest thing for many WIFA members. So we have created a wind-down agenda for you.

All you have to do is plan it in and follow along. Enjoy your retreat in a day, or take all week. It’s up to you!

The WIFA Retreat is Downtime on-Demand

3 Keynotes to enjoy available in audio and video formats

Plus: Workouts, A Meal-Plan for a day of detox and a Bath-Time Prescription

Take a day or take a week, but plan your retreat in and get re-charged and re-inspired

Here’s what you have to look forward to for the WIFA Retreat May Edition:

How to find your unique brand personality- Kristen Crowley and Jill Bunny | reFRAME your biz
Building Support and Empowering Online Communities – Amy Ward | POUND
Landing Brand Partnerships With Less Than 10,000 Followers- Ariel Belgrave | Gym Hooky

ICON, Amy W.