07 Nov #POUNDquickie: Toasties

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We're entering the time of the year where to-do lists triple in length and your precious free time (that was once designated "me time") is fading faster than daylight. In these busy times it’s important to pivot instead of peace out on your workouts. We designed 4 POUND quickies made just for you.
A #POUNDquickie is a simple but effective POUND move that you can do anywhere, anytime. Whether you have Ripstix in hand or not, we encourage you to join in and have fun combining #POUNDquickie moves based on the amount of time you have to sweat! You'll see a new #POUNDquickie move each week and we can keep each other accountable (and encouraged) by checking in online!
Here the first one:


Named after the toasty warmth you'll feel in your legs, we designed this balancing move to be precise and isolated. The objective is to never touch the ground with the lifted leg and to stabilize using the planted leg and core. Begin with your weight in your right leg.
On "1", bend your right leg, sink back into a chair position, and extend your left leg (straightened) as far as possible out as you draw your right Ripstick and elbow up toward your right ear.
On "2", come back to center, pushing up slowly on from your left leg and bringing your right back to center, resting at a hover.
The challenge is to keep your balance through the entire move and to keep that hovering leg lifted until you switch. Do 3-4 sets of 10 reps on each side!
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