We’re wrapping up February with a heaping dose of PPP — POUND PRO PRIDE!


Each member of our hard-working, butt-kicking POUND PRO family each shines in their unique and outstanding way! They take pride in what they do and we can’t exist without them! From our newly inducted POUND Master Trainers, to our Sexy Cool Down Contest, and our Pro’s across the globe, this blog is dedicated to how we’re all are flashin’ some PPP!!!


If you’re looking to become a POUND Pro, then you’ll see our Master Trainers in action!


Our most exceptional Pros have dived even deeper into the POUND experience: they’ve dedicated extra time, energy and love to become MASTER TRAINERS! Check out our MASTER PROS, Kristin and Rachel successfully training new PROS in New York and Boston! (Check out more POUND Pro Instructor Trainings coming to a city near you!) We also added HarmonieAmber, and Tess to our family of Master Pros!


Sexy Cool Down Contest – Last Day to Vote!
February, the month of love, took on a whole new meaning at POUND. Yes, we might be known for being aggressive, but some pros showed off their softer, sassier side with the Sexy Cool Down Contest! Today is the last day to vote for finalists Amber, Flor, and Kate! The video on our Facebook page with the most likes wins so head over there and pick your favorite right now!


Aussie PPP Hotness
Sometimes there are no words necessary, just check out PPP from Down Under where our Pros had a rockstar POUND Pro photo shoot!




Is it YOUR time to flaunt some POUND PRO PRIDE? Check out our certification schedule and join us!


Peace, love and PPP,
The POUND Girls

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