We call it A$$ Pass, but you can call it whatever you want – 20 reps, on the hour, every hour. Change the way your day moves with these Tippers.  #makenoise #getmoving

Stand upright with your legs straight and Ripstix on either side of your thighs. Imagine being sandwiched in between two walls: one in front of you, and one behind. Your goal is avoid leaning forward or backward as you perform each movement. First, “tip”  to your right side and reach your right Ripstick towards your right foot. Bend your left elbow and tuck your left stick towards your hip as you do this. Use your obliques to guide you back to the center and strike Ripstix together. Repeat to the opposite side, exhaling as you return to center each time.

ass pass - try this move 20 reps, 3 sets, every hour on the hour.

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