Hey POUND Posse — welcome to the living room 🙂 We wanted to invite you guys to hang out with us for a few minutes to chat about the POUND ROCKOUT RESULTS SYSTEM. You’ve probably seen us post about it a lot over the past couple months, but since you guys are our friends, we wanted to sit down with you and give you the inside scoop about the whole system. We are sharing how we created it, everything you’ll get in the box, and finally, how it changed our lives… and how it will change yours. ROCKOUT RESULTS was created because of you, with you, and for you!

POUND class takes us to another world. The support, encouragement, love, energy, and vibration is unrivaled. Our goal in making ROCKOUT RESULTS was to recreate this exhilarating feeling in DVD form. To be honest, when we first committed to our “do it right, or don’t do it at all” mentality years ago, we didn’t know if our true vision would ever become a reality but we are so proud to confidently say that through waiting, listening, and lots of sweating (!!), ROCKOUT RESULTS is everything we wanted it to be and more. With this system, you’ll get fit, feel healthy and become empowered. ROCKOUT RESULTS is your invitation to be better, bolder, and LOUDER than ever before!

We poured our hearts into ROCKOUT RESULTS. Here's an inside look!

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We poured our hearts into ROCKOUT RESULTS. Here's an inside look!

We poured our hearts into this system from bottom to top. We worked with an incredible team to create the perfect packaging and production design to match. We jammed with producers to create original music and we put a group of talented Pros through the toughest choreography and coaching sessions to create what you will get in this box: ROCKOUT RESULTS. To perfect the POUND puzzle before releasing it to the world, we asked 35 amazing people to meticulously follow the System’s 60-Day Plan — and the results were astonishing. As you can see in our vlog, we gush when we talk about this group! They physically lost weight but more importantly, they gained self-esteem and confidence that we never expected. They learned and embraced our BALANCED lifestyle philosophy and because of that, we’ve seen continued results far beyond those first 60 days.

The name naturally followed: ROCKOUT RESULTS. We fine-tuned the program from our boot camp group and put it into a box for you. In ROCKOUT RESULTS, you get: 9 different POUND workouts on 5 discs, a Fitness Guide and Journal with a 60-day #POUNDoff Calendar — and of course, Ripstix! You will also receive our BALANCE Nutrition Guide. We believe that long lasting results are a product of understanding your body and sticking to healthy meals that also taste GOOD!! Together with your POUND workouts, we encourage you to follow our BALANCE Nutrition Guide and to learn how you can reach your goals by eating 7 balanced meals per day, one for each letter in the word! Here are a few examples of some recipes you’re already familiar with and how they fit into each meal 🙂

We poured our hearts into ROCKOUT RESULTS. Here's an inside look!

Here are the incredible workouts inside your ROCKOUT RESULTS System:

Disc # 1: POUND 101

The interactive guide to completing a safe, effective, fun workout. Learn the basic Position setups, common POUND techniques, useful modifications, and insider tips to make your workout rock!

Disc # 2: BASSLINE Workout

The bass is the lowest, most bangin’ part of a song…and now, the most bangin’ part of your body! Slim your inner and outer thighs, lift your butt and tone your entire LOWER BODY with this perfect fusion of cardio and isometrics!

Disc # 2: TOPLINE Workout

In your favorite song, the Topline is the lyric you just can’t get out of your head. In this workout, you’ll focus on the top half of your body to make your arms, shoulders and back simply unforgettable, just like your favorite topline!

Disc # 3: TUNE UP Workout

Ready to tone up, we mean, tune up? This sequence is all about working multiple muscle groups in-tune to sculpt, lift and tighten problem areas and cultivate strength and endurance.

Disc # 3: POUNDCORE Workout

You’ve heard of an encore. Now, get familiar with the POUNDcore, your ab-sculpting, waistline-whittling, back-defining workout! POUND’s exclusive non-bulking method will reveal flat, strong, incredible abs, with special focus on the obliques and lower belly.


Imagine being in a live POUND class. That’s your Jam Session workout, the place to join us for the full POUND experience. Expect fast-paced, sweat-dripping sequences, heart-racing cardio bursts, beat-based drum riffs, and of course, absolutely rockin’ music during your 40 minute Jam Session.

Disc # 5: POUND Intervals

  • BUM N BASS : An 8 minute interval sequence dedicated to lifting, rounding, and toning your backside with a combination of cardio and endurance-testing poses.
  • SWEAT SOLO: You’ll pour sweat in 3 breathless rounds of plyometric riffs, ideal for burning fat, gaining agility and building endurance.
  • AB ENCORE: 8 minutes of highly-focused, core-centered interval peaks, designed to tone and increase strength and control.
  • TEMPO TONE: Sizzle through 8 minutes of arm-centered intervals that specifically target the back of your arms, shoulders, chest, and upper back.

BONUS: Because the music is so rockin’ and you asked for it after Album 1, we added a MUSIC ONLY option to ROCKOUT RESULTS! We know you don’t always want to hear us yackity-yacking, so feel free to tune out and turn it up!

POUND Posse, there is a lot in that little box; a lot that we believe in, that we’re proud of, and that we’re excited for you to try. And as you know, sometimes the best things come in small packages, so make sure you order yours today!! We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Giving YOU permission to ROCK!
The POUND Girls



Photos By Brita Potenza

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