We swapped warm for cold and home for hotel last week when we flew to NYC to promote the POUND ROCKOUT RESULTS SYSTEM! We spent a week in the Big Apple, making new friends, visiting old ones, and telling everyone about our brand new lifestyle system. In case you don’t follow us on Instagram (which you totally should!), here’s a quick look at our trip!

Our first stop: Behind The Velvet Rope w/ Arthur Kade. See the full interview HERE and weigh in below: Which is better, LA or NYC?!

Our first stop on our NYC Press Tour was with Arthur Kade! Have you ever seen The Devil Wears Prada or How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and just dreamed of strolling into hustle of a big magazine office in NYC? We have to admit, chatting with magazine editors is one our favorite press opportunities.

During this trip, we visited Health and Marie Claire.

We visited Health Magazine!

Shortly after chatting with the mags, we zoomed over to an exclusive class for bloggers at The Carlton put on by Caravan Stylist Studio. Many of the bloggers had never tried a class before so we shared a little bit about POUND with them and then went right into the workout!

Check out Nellie’s experience and even more pictures on her article in Diets In Review!

Exclusive class!

Day 2 began with a visit to The Better Show where Kristina Behr freaking killed it during her first intro to POUND! Keep an eye out on our Facebook to catch that full segment next week!

What do you think? She looks like a PRO, right?

POUND on The Better Show

POUND on The Better Show

POUND on The Better Show

After The Better Show, we snuck a quick yoga class into our trip with POUND Pro Joyce! Between that and our surprise manicures from Caravan Stylist Studio back at The Carlton, we were feeling pretty rejuvenated and ready to head back home!

How do you unwind and take time for yourself while on the road?

Snuck in a quick yoga sesh with Joyce!

Thank you for the manicures Caravan!

And because we like to live life on the edge, what would a travel day be without some more press?! We ended our amazing trip to NYC with a segment on Good Day New York with some really talented Pros backing us up and a quick bite at Rosemary’s, one of our favorite restaurants in the city!

Good Day NY was our last stop!  Rosemarys is the best in NYC!

What are you favorite spots in The Big Apple? Shout ’em out below and we’ll hit them up when we’re back there later this year! And what do you think of this Photo Diary thing that we’re giving a try? Like it? What do YOU wanna see on Rose Ave?

The POUND Girls

3 Responses

  1. Really enjoyed this photo diary! Have you ever been to Rosemary’s rooftop vegetable garden in the summer? If not, I have a great pic to send you. You know I am one of your biggest pound fans in Nashville with Kathy Larkins Moore but spent most of my life living in NYC…100% bronx girl…so I loved reading this.Last time I went home I took a pound class in the Bronx .That’s how much I love pound, I even look for a class when I am on vacation! I think I see the instructor I had on the left in your Good Day New York photo.

    1. YES! We have been to the garden — but please show us your picture!! (Maybe instagram or FB is the best way!). We loved it so much 🙂 Give our girl Kathy a hug and a hello from us! You took class in the Bronx, too? You ROCK!!

  2. Yeah I really wanted to take a class back in the Bronx. I was curious to see if pound in the home of hip hop would be much different than in the home of country music! The answer was no. I felt really comfortable right away and had no problem keeping up….so much so that I now call it “the sisterhood of the traveling ripstix”! We are having a huge glow pound party tomorrow night. I’ll give Kathy your hug. She has gotten even better since her center stage came out! The energy in our class is incredible…..all because of you Pound Girls…you are really changing lives with your vision.

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