I am an #uncommonathlete because I have never worked out or played sports in my life before leaving my body unknowing of what it could be. But yet since starting #pound #poundrockoutworkout I have developed mussels and stamina that I never knew I could have. I have reached goals that I never thought I could after 8 months of being in the #poundposse I now feel stronger then I ever have. Continuing to maximize my strengths through POUND is my main goal! #12daysofpound @stancemuse @poundfitA photo posted by Jessica Dillard (@j_dill2320) on

Yesterday, we asked you to tell us why YOU are an #uncommonathlete and the responses we got blew us away! We wanted to share them with you because, when put together, they really showcase the beauty in the uncommon. We encourage you to go onto instagram and search #12daysofPOUND. Meet each other and comment on each other’s posts — the power of the POUND Posse is the greatest when we band together.

  Day 3 of #12daysofPOUND – spent the last 2 days at Aprende Middle School. How many other fitness programs can maximize motivation and effort through music and choreography, while using a manipulative, with over 60 8th grade girls & boys at one time? POUND provides the opportunity to connect with ALL athletes, even the uncommon ones, and gives them the chance to SHINE ? #uncommonathlete #poundposse #makenoise #phoenixAZ #middleschool #inspire #teach @thepoundgirls   A video posted by Danielle O’Reilly (@fitwithd) on

April Ehinger Woolley:

I am an #uncommonathlete because I am a music teacher and use this amazing program for after school classes where students and faculty are working out together. Some of the uncommon kids are coming together with the staff to get fit and feel great. It helps I’m not a pysed teacher I’m the music teacher, the kids that come are some athletes some not. It has created a place we can all be together.

Trina Ayers

Iliamari Vazquez Msw:

I’m an #uncommonathlete because I hated fitness growing up. Anything workout related I didn’t want to do. Then i started grad school and I became a runner. I found Pound when trying new fitness formats to gain strength and challenge myself and I fell in love  I became certified to develop self esteem building groups for teens and incorporate Pound fitness as a fun motivator. Pound has changed my life for the best. And has added life to my life.



Amanda Clark Hamlin


Hamlin! #‎12daysofPOUND‬‪#‎Day3‬ @stancemuse @thepoundgirls ‪#‎uncommonathlete ‬‪#‎PoundWithAPump‬ Although it’s not as uncommon as it used to be I’m a Type 1 Diabetic working out daily with an insulin pump.




HollieWood Dance and Fitness



I beat those odds. Later on in life I was diagnosed with extreme hypothyroidism. Sometimes I’m so tired from my thyroid disease. I gain weight just looking at food. My metabolism is shot. I hold water like a mofo! In November I proved to myself and so many others who have thyroid disease that you can have thyroid disease AND have a shredded body! Just gotta work a little harder than others! @stancemuse @stancesocks @thepoundgirls


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Jessie Dayle McCoy James:

I am an #uncommonathlete because I’m not your typical gym addict and fitness instructor. I’m still on my fitness journey but I don’t let discourage me. I’m still ‘overweight’ but I have awesome leg muscles, a high endurance, and lift weights in front of the tough guys at the gym just to watch their surprised looks as push just as hard as they do. Two years ago, I was wanting to open a bakery. Instead I was lead down this healthy road and here I am! #12daysofPound



Day#3 #12daysofpound Command is to tell why you are #uncommonathlete. After having two handsome little boys, I was ready to feel good again!!! I went to one Pound class and when I walked out I knew my life had just changed! Never have I took my health serious but when you have two babies that look up to you as a role model….My passion for fitness grew stronger by the day. This inspired me to become certified Pound Instructor in March 2015. Little did I know, just how much my life would change. 55lbs lost forever, best shape of my life, being confident in myself and sharing Pound with my community..wow what a ahhhhmazingggg privilege I have had to Rockout with the best posse….such beautiful inspiring women. Seeing their results and being apart of their success is sooo crazy awesome. Never did I imagine my fitness journey would be like this. I think GOD everyday for allowing me to continue on this path….I won’t stop! 2016 here I come! #Poundfit #uncommonathlete #12DAYSOFPOUND @thepoundgirls


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Michelle Anderson:



12348116_10208725667525453_7555090434499785352_n I’m an ‪#‎uncommonathlete‬ for a few reasons: 1.) I’m 40 years young, 2.) mother of 2 teens, 3.) RN x 17 years (which is a physical & mental workout), 4.) this time last year hated running & this year ran not 1 but 3 mini marathons PLUS a few 5k’s! Never thought I could walk a mini let alone RUN 3 at my age! And lastly 5.) even though I have lost over 60 lbs I’m still considered over weight, so despite all these obstacles I decided to challenge myself and take a certification class this year for this CRAZY thing called POUND, & I did it! Became a POUND Pro just before my 40th birthday this year, & never regretted it! I LOVE POUND!



I am an #uncommonathlete because I’m #ferocious, #fearless, and can make anything #fun. Whether it’s rapping and dancing on a treadmill, singing my heart out during #Pound, or standing on my head in yoga, I always challenge myself well past my comfort zone. All you need is a smile. #endorphinsmakeyouhappy #day3 #12daysofpound @thepoundgirls   A photo posted by @maggiemoonme on


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