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We cannot believe the day has finally come — the launch of your POUND DVD! Just a few months ago, we traveled to NYC to film the first ever “POUND- Album 1: Sweat.Sculpt.Rock.” DVD at the historic Avatar Studios. This famous recording studio has hosted an outrageous list of iconic artists, including Paul McCartney (only a month before!), Michael Jackson, U2, Bruno Mars, Aerosmith and Alanis Morissette…and that’s just a few! It was an incredible process, with an incredible team of people by our sides. We sweat, we laughed, we even cried a little, but we finally created the in-home experience we’d been dreaming of!




You can pop in “Album 1: Sweat. Sculpt. Rock.” ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and as MANY TIMES as you want! And, the best part (drum roll)… it comes with your very own set of RIPSTIX!! Head to our ONLINE STORE right now to order your own copy!


Get ready to SWEAT (a LOT), SCUPLT and ROCK your way through all your favorite POUND moves with your brand spankin’ new, TWO-disc DVD set! Make sure you check out the YouTube teaser above to get a sneak peek if you haven’t experienced the look, feel and SOUND of ALBUM 1 yet!


We cooked up FOUR 20 minute, ultra-effective body-part specific progressions, just for you: Lower Body, Core, Cardio, and Upper Body, but we didn’t stop there! We also included a dynamic and thorough Warmup, a relaxing POUNDdown (Cool down, POUND style!) and POUND 101: a run-through of how to get the most out of your workout with modifications, tips and motivation! As a bonus, you’ll also get a #30dayPOUNDoff calendar to help you schedule and monitor your workouts!


This is a project we are beyond proud of– we are especially excited to give you guys, our incredible POUND Posse, another tool to feel strong, empowered, healthy, and beautiful! We sincerely hope you LOVE working out with us at home! And, don’t you dare forget to let us know when you order your copy! 🙂 Tag #sweatsculptrock to let us know you’ll be rockin’ out to ALBUM 1!!




Peace, Love and POUND DVDS,

The POUND Girls


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BASSLINE: Lower Body Progression
Shapes the butt, slims inner and outer thighs, and tones legs throughout a fat-burning cardio sequence.
Includes The Opener and POUNDdown


TUNE UP: Upper Body Progression
Slims triceps, tones biceps, and trims the upper back.
Includes The Opener and POUNDdown


POUNDCORE: Ab Progression
Slim your waistline, strengthen your deep abdominal muscles and sculpt and narrow your midsection during standing and seated tracks.
Includes The Opener and POUNDdown


CARDIO JAM SESSION: Cardio Progression
Fat burning and interval sequences teamed with focused balance and coordination techniques.
Includes The Opener and POUNDdown



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