Recently, we jetted our little buns to NYC for a whirlwind press and interview adventure. Fun fact for you guys: this was the FIRST TRIP EVER where we actually got to wear REAL CLOTHES. It’s true! We did not do any POUNDing… we just got to talk about POUND… A LOT!

We met with some of the most influential editors and taste-makers to share news of our upcoming projects. We made some new friends and we also got to eat at one of our favorite gems-of-the-city, ABC Kitchen!

ABC Kitchen in NYC!

But before we indulged in the delicious food, we got our hustle on! First stop? Good Housekeeping! You guys know how much we love food and recipes — so you can imagine that we became fast friends with the GH Team!

Next stop? Our buddies at SELF Magazine! It’s safe to say that we’re pretty big fans of SELF — between reading the magazine, doing Self Workouts In The Park, and following them religiously on Twitter!

The POUND Girls Take NYC!

And now, our totally Devil Wears Prada moment…

Vogue! We were excited to share our story, philosophies, and brand culture with Vogue, since they are an all-encompassing periodical and one that we’ve never met with before. Because hey, POUND is so much more than a workout and our mission is to show the world everything that POUND has to offer — aka the full she-bang!

The POUND Girls Take NYC!

The POUND Girls Take NYC!

Speaking of the full she-bang, all of our meetings were scattered across the city, so we got to see quite a few of the good ol’ local sights. The NYC Library is a gorgeous building and reminds us of Sex And The City so we HAD to stop and snap a selfie! #tourists 😉

The POUND Girls Take NYC!

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After that, we visited The View to chat about what’s been alive-and-kickin’ in the world of POUND. It’s been a while since we last spoke with them and we had a lot of great news to share! Check us out on the show last year and below that, this is the team that makes things tick behind the scenes. Aren’t these ladies rad?!

The Producers of The View!


Cheers to a speedy, fun, adventurous trip to the Big Apple!


With love,
The POUND Girls

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