It’s THROWBACK THURSDAY (yes, we’ve finally hopped on that bandwagon 😉 and instead of highlighting ONE special occasion in the past, we’ve decided to capture ALL our favorite highlights of 2013 — milestones that YOU made possible for us, our team, and the POUND POSSE!


From hiring our very first team member, to rearranging our lives and moving to the beach, to visiting the Dr. Oz Show, to finally filming ourDVD, each milestone in 2013 made us stronger, sharper and more connected to you; our heart and soul.


Moving forward into this New Year, we want you to know that each of these special moments along our path has helped us learn, grow and and thrive, as partners, friends, and businesswomen. Thank you for sharing in the joy, excitement, and celebration of each milestone with us, POUND POSSE, and for being our motivation to make 2014 the BEST YEAR YET! We cannot wait to see what all of us build together in the months and years to come!!


What was YOUR favorite POUND moment of 2013? Help us make POUND history THIS year by snaggin’ your own #sweatsculptrock DVD and sharing in our most special project yet!


Looking back and moving forward with love,
The POUND Girls


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