Let us take you back to the beginning. It was a summer day, we walked out of an office in Orange County and stepped into the future of POUND. Our dreams were finally being realized: we had an opportunity to create the well-rounded, at-home POUND experience we always dreamed of.  Something that would complete the POUND lifestyle, reach millions and hopefully change the lives of many.

It wasn’t a sigh of relief, we’ll admit to that now. It was quite the opposite – and we’ll tell you why. We knew that this project would take everything out of us: hours, days, sweat, blood and tears. We knew that if we were truly going to create something that we believed in, that we could stand behind, we would have to pour our souls into it and be part of every teeny tiny detail (and you know we wouldn’t have it any other way). It meant the world to us, so the pressure was on.

We stand here today with huge smiles on our faces. We did it, we did it our way and we cannot wait to share it with the world.

So what is this mysterious “IT” that we’re talking about? Well, it’s the first POUND fitness and lifestyle system ever created, the POUND ROCKOUT RESULTS SYSTEM. It’s an in-home workout, re-imagined. We break all the rules. It’s loud, its PROUD and its POUNDier.  😉


We worked with a producer to create music that matches the class experience and with a few artists to create an extra special LIVE Jam Session class. We designed 9 brand new workouts just for you! You’ll see new techniques, positions and a few friendly faces.  We were lucky enough to have our beautiful POUND team at our sides: Paydin, Amber, Amanda, Joyce, Ashley, Nelson and Trevor. They sweated their butts off in a 100*F studio and still brought the heat — we couldn’t have done it without them!




We also created the first POUND Nutrition Guide. It’s filled with our B.A.L.A.N.C.E.D. philosophy and covers the how – to of eating 7 balanced meals a day, over 50 of our favorite go-to recipes and a 7 day kick-start meal plan! We also created a Fitness Guide and Journal. We know how hard it is to stay on track in this busy world, so we created a journal where you can track every workout, meal, cup of water and beyond!

This was also the first time that we’ve ever created a 60 Day POUND OFF program. 60 days of POUNDing, eating balanced and feeling amazing. We put the program to the test by asking 35 people to try it for 60 days straight. We couldn’t have dreamt what happened next. We left it all on the gym floor, every day. We ate 7 balanced meals a day and stayed accountable. Each person began to transform, from the inside out. Health issues disappeared, weight dropped, friendships formed and lives were changed. Not just for 60 days, but forever. It was one of the most inspiring experiences of our entire lives.

So today is the day. The day we release it to the world. The day we get to hand it over to you. We hope you love it. We hope it becomes part of your life. Your POUND ROCKOUT RESULTS journey starts Today.

With Love and Gratitude,
Kirsten and Cristina




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  1. You girls are seriously so inspiring! THANK YOU for what you do, so that we, as PoundPros and your PoundPosse can experience such a fun and unique workout. And not just a workout, but a lifestyle. Because after a year of POUND, I have come to realize that it truly is a lifestyle that I have fallen in love with! It transforms you into the best version of yourself, the one who is confident, energetic, healthy and LOUD! You have brought people from all around the world and made us a family with a common love for the beat of a great song and the sound of Ripstix POUNDing! So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to you, Kirsten and Cristina, and everyone else who works their booty off to make this possible. What you do makes all the difference 🙂

    1. Thank YOU Tara, for the kind words!! Our PROs and POSSE make what we do so rewarding 🙂 We LOVE that POUND makes you feel confident, energetic, healthy — and best of all, LOUD! Your comment just made our day!

  2. Hey PoundPosse!
    Like Tara, I have been totally inspired by pound. I have finally found a workout that satisfies my inner drummer and has really transformed my exercise regime. I Pound almost every day and absolutely love it!! Please, please ship the latest version to the UK soon….can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. We really can’t wait to get it over to you in the UK! Do you POUND with Album 1 or in class at a gym? We love our UK Posse! We’re headed there to add to it very soon! 🙂 Rock on, Abbey!

  3. Hi guys, I Rockout with Album 1 at home. I love the sense of community you create; there’s something so powerful in rhythm, so even though I’m Pounding alone, I really feel part of the PoundPosse!! I discovered Pound at a time in my life when I really needed a confidence boost as well as a fresh exercise programme – Pound ticks all the boxes for me!!
    With gratitude, Abbey

  4. I just got the whole system and all the pictures in the guides and meal plans are gorgeous. It really gets me amp’ed up to start the program.

    Speaking of the meal plan I am more of a work out right when I get up in the morning person so I was wondering if I should have the first meal (B) or first (B) and second meal (A) prior the workout or after. In the tips it says to eat within 20 minutes of waking up.


    1. Hey Cherin! Great question! It really depends on your body! You have a couple options:
      1. If you just want a little something in your stomach before you workout, you could have your boost (B) and a bite of an apple then have your breakfast (A) after your workout.
      2. If you want something a little more substantial, have half of an apple or banana before your workout then have your breakfast after. (In this scenario, you may or may not skip your boost — your call!)
      You definitely want to eat within 20 minutes of waking either way. Read your body to see how much IT needs to give you optimal energy for your workout. Adding half an apple or banana won’t throw you off course one bit! Let us know how it goes and if you need any more direction!

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