When we first started POUND, we teamed up with our phenomenal friends at Crunch Gym to bring POUND to SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park. That was three whole years ago, and with tremendous gratitude (and a slight sense of amazement), SELF asked us back!

And then, they asked us back again. This year marked our third Workout in the Park, an event that draws thousands of peppy women (and even a few men) for a day of swag, sweat and sunshine.

Well, there was a lot of sweat, a ton of swag, but not a whole lot of sunshine this time around. Last year, we nearly got swept away in NYC by a tempest (you can read about that adventure, HERE) and this year, Boston, NYC and Chicago all brought some precipitation to the mix. But don’t think that killed the vibe, because the ladies and gents of W-I-P know how to PAR-TY!


Seeing that many people with Ripstix-in-hand was a chilling, humbling, magical experience. The sound, vibration and sight of all of us working together– playing music and moving together– was indescribable.

We even ran into some of our fave NYC POUND PROS, which lit up our day!


And here’s the glorious view from Main Stage in Chicago!


Workout in the Park is made possible by a slew of outstanding sponsors, including Garnier (who sponsored our workout segment), Crunch, Victoria’s Secret, Popchips, Athleta, Reebok and Bai! We also threw in a special little somethin’ somethin’ for our park-going friends– a set of RIPSTIX! These ladies said they’d be taking theirs to a friend’s bachelorette party 🙂

pound self

We got to see our girl Sarina Jain, creator of the super-fun Bollywood workout, Masala Bhangra, and best-selling author Bob Harper, who just published his brand-new page-turner Skinny Meals!


What an amazing series of events! We cannot express enough gratitude to Crunch, SELF, Garnier, our backup Pounders and of course, all the enthusiastic and adventurous participants who make each event wildly successful!

We’ll leave you with this pic, taken as we waited to board the last plane home from Chicago to LA. This sums it up!


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From LA with love,

The POUND Girls