Spring is in the air over here at the POUND HQ, and we’re puttin’ the longer days to good use by gettin’ outside more, cooking more delicious TWEAKS, and enjoying late-night festivities with our peeps.

With all this extra daylight on our hands, we have also acquired a fondness for tidying up! Our office recently got a deep cleanin’, and boy-oh-boy, does it feel good to regroup and reorganize for Spring!

In the spirit of all things CLEAN, we’ve prepared a kick-ass workout that will help you clean up your body, just in time for Summer. Pair this amazing CORE workout with CLEAN recipes from Backstage and the Blog, and you’ll be on the fast track to a taut, toned tummy in no-time!

Add some CLEAN air to this routine by takin’ it outside: and don’t forget to breathe deeply! We chose the beach for this one, but you can try these quick core-toning moves on your deck, in the park, or in your backyard!

POUND Spring Cleaning Cristina

POUND Spring Cleaning Kirsten

Don’t forget: these killer moves will make you SWEAT, the ultimate key to CLEANING out your body! 🙂 Make sure you tell us the cool places YOU did your workout– we can’t wait to see pics on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!

Pounding waves,
The POUND Girls