You know the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s house is picked up by a Tornado and whisked away into the sky? She’s terrified and has no control over anything? Every few moments, she sees glimpses of people she knows flying through the atmosphere and then lands abruptly in a far off land? Well, that scene pretty much sums up our life these past few months… and let’s just call OZ, Venice, California.


Three months ago, we came to a turning point in our career. One that wasn’t so pleasant. The world kind of came to a halt early one morning, just a few months ago. I couldn’t sleep and I asked Cristina to go on a walk with me in the Canyon. We both knew that we had hit a wall – we both admitted that we felt like frauds in our own skin. We went through each day preaching balance, health and happiness  – but we had found ourselves unbalanced, un-healthy and un-happy. How could we have let that happen? And how can we preach these things every day and not practice them ourselves? We knew we had to make some life changes and take a step in a completely different direction if there was any hope for the future we had dreamt of. One of my sociology teachers once told me that life is all about making choices. You make a choice and you point yourself in that direction, 100%. When you stop making choices (or decisions), you become stagnant and you stop living. It was time for a big decision to be made.


We hadn’t seen our friends in centuries, our boyfriends didn’t know if we existed anymore and our over the top work schedule, wasn’t cutting it. We weren’t treating ourselves, or each other the way we knew we should be. The boundaries had disappeared and our life felt like a huge blur running through a hamster wheel.


We made the decision to change that. We knew it would be uncomfortable, we knew it wouldn’t be easy at times – transitioning never is.


The goal was to live the life we had been preaching about. You know, the one where you ENJOY life and make the most out of every day, every person you meet and every experience you are lucky enough to come across.


First, we set boundaries by separating our office and work from the rest of our life. We found a sweet Zen spot on Rose Avenue in Venice and set up shop. We hired a beautiful new team member, Joy. Our work family was complete and finally functioning correctly. We breathed a deep sigh of relief.


Next, we took a huge chance and did something that was three years in the making. Something that scared the shit out of us – something that we had been dreaming about for a long, long time. One thing you need to know about us, is that we don’t rush things, we wait until we feel its right. And it was finally time to film the POUND DVD. The experience was exciting and emotional – but most of all, it was true to who we are and what we believe in. We will never stray from that. We hope that everyone one loves it – but if they don’t, we know we wouldn’t change a thing.


Last but definitely not least, balance. The B word – the one that gets away from us when we look away for just a moment. We knew what we wanted from life and decided to manifest it via a move to the west side. We can now walk to the office, visit farmers markets, hop into a quick yoga class on lunch breaks and most importantly, soak in the beauty of the beach, with the boys at our side. We will continue to work our tails off, because that’s what we live for – that’s what makes us happy. We just needed a little balance.


We’ve made a promise to ourselves, and hope that you can make it with us.


We will be more observant, of ourselves, and our surroundings. When something feels wrong, we will make a choice to change it. We will love, honor and nurture our relationships with ourselves, and our love ones and we will soak up wisdom from everyone we meet and every experience we come to.


We will always be true to who we are and what we believe in – no matter how weird or out-of-the-box it might be.


Have we come to the great OZ to ask for a new heart or courage? No, we have you guys for that. You keep us motivated, you give us courage and you inspire us. We simply want to return the favor.


With Love forever,
The Pound Girls


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