Holly decided to make loving herself, and her a family a priority – a decision that would ultimately change her life. Here is her story.

Hey! My name is Holly and I’m a POUND Pro in Manchester, New Hampshire. POUND has been a wonderful adventure where I get to be a rockstar, inspire others, and (for 45 minutes) forget about the outside world… but I took a long journey to get here – a journey that started with the need for a little self-love.

I’ve been the “big girl” my whole life – not “BIG” but on the bigger side – but I’ve also been an outgoing, fun person as long as I can remember… until 2008 when I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome after unexplainably gaining close to 100lbs. Suddenly, I became a home body, my group of friends shrunk, and I tried everything I could to lose the weight but nothing worked.

In 2009, I found out I was pregnant with my first child, Hannah, and something within me shifted. I knew I now had a responsibility to be healthy and a role model for this little girl. As my pregnancy continued, my health improved, and so did my confidence and my love for the world because of this new little life I brought into it. Pregnancy helped kickstart my health journey and in 2011 – surprise! – we found out Carter was on the way!

Check out Holly's amazing transformation! Holly's incredible transformation started with self love. Read more: #LOVELOUDER

As it does, life with two kids felt like a whirlwind. It became crazy – but I absolutely loved it. What I didn’t love was those moments that I felt my weight was hindering me from giving my family 100%. After having Carter, I decided it was time for me to love myself more in order for me to give them all of my love. Looking back, I realize it was time for me to #LOVELOUDER. To me, #LOVELOUDER means to give 110% of yourself to the things and people you care about. To put it out there, with your heart on your sleeve! And that’s what I did.

It was time for me to get healthy – for my family AND ME.


In 2013, I joined the VLD Fitness family and fell in love with group fitness! I changed my diet and adopted a healthier lifestyle which included exercise. It was hard… very hard. But eventually, making the right nutrition choices became easier because I was treating my body right. Each week, I became a little stronger and lost more weight. I started attending more group fitness classes 2-5 times/week and fell in love with the energy of live classes, the team spirit, and how the students responded to the instructors!

My VLD community changed how I though of fitness and soon, I started helping to teach some classes. By 2015, I was down -115lbs and ready to start inspiring others — and THAT is when I found POUND!

This past spring, I was on the hunt for a program that could keep my spark alive and once I found POUND, I became HOOKED! I love being a POUND Pro — and since becoming a Pro, I’ve lost 10lbs and 20 inches! For 45-minutes, I get to be a rockstar, inspire others, and help people forget about their worries outside of class. The upbeat music, the party atmosphere and the killer workout are just extras! 😉 POUND energizes me when I see the looks on my students’ faces when the beat drops. I love showing non-dancers that they can move their bodies in a fluid way and get a great full-body workout. They get to be a rockstar for 45-minutes and the sweat puddles are almost as big as the smiles! POUND is for all ages, my kids love to join in and my husband even thinks it’s pretty cool! My family now has a mother that is motivated, healthy, and ready to live each day to the fullest. I can only imagine where this wonderful adventure will take me.

Finally, to anyone out there struggling with your fitness journey or health – put your hand over you heart. Feel the engine that has kept you going – kept you LIVING – all this time. It’s time to make your heart POUND harder, beat faster and love itself more! There is never a day better then today to start treating yourself with more love and respect.


Holly C.

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