Prior to finding POUND, I struggled to find the right workout and a fitness community that would be sustainable, enjoyable, and uplifting! Losing pounds and feeling motivated lasted for a brief time, but the biggest mental and emotional shift I had – and the reason that I’ve stuck with POUND for so long – is because of it’s uplifting and empowering nature. I’d get so down on myself when I felt like I’d fallen off the wagon — you know, when you stop working out for a few months and start snacking and eating out too much and drinking more etc. It’s so easy to start to focus on what’s wrong about your body. For me, when that would happen, I’d immediately shift into this negative space where I’d put your body in “boot camp mode” and deny your body of EVERYTHING – even the healthy habits – by restricting calories and working out in the wrong ways. Ultimately, this wasn’t healthy or sustainable.

What I needed was something that would help me create a balanced lifestyle — and that’s what I got with the POUND Rockout Results System. I’ve always been someone who enjoys working out, but I was turned off by the programs out there that are so negative towards your “before” body. They all focus on inches lost instead of energy, confidence, and healthy habits gained. Finally finding POUND and feeling that empowerment ultimately impacted my fitness and health regimen substantially. With POUND, I fell in love with the encouragement and self love that shined through the entire community and I found success in a balanced approach to wellness.

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As a fitness enthusiast and someone who has always been mindful of new workout and diet trends, I say with 100% confidence that the Rockout Results System is the most sustainable and enjoyable program out there! To me, those are the two most important words if you are looking for a long term relationship of happiness with your body: sustainable and enjoyable! For me these were the pieces I was missing with other programs that I had tried.

After 2 years of consistently using POUND as my staple workout, I still look forward to each session. The clean eating habits that I built using the POUND BALANCE Guide help me focus on self care and loving my body, instead of always enforcing limits and rules. When I began the Rockout Results Program I was reminded that food and diet is centered around nourishing your body with whole nutritious balanced foods, not obsessing over calories or focusing on limitations. Balance is the perfect way to describe how the fundamentals of the Rockout Results System have been easier to maintain than other programs; because you’re actually learning how to find your own balance with your exercise and diet regimen. When I adapted my eating habits, I didn’t count so much as one day of calories but instead focused on whole fresh foods that made my body feel good.

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POUND is so exhilarating, therapeutic and gratifying – and it has taken me on an unexpected journey to ultimately becoming a POUND Pro and now, a Master Pro! I can honestly say, though, that the Rockout Results System was what catapulted me into the best phase (so far!) of my life!

Both my fiancé and I changed our eating habits and workout routines after completing the Rockout Results System and we haven’t looked back since. We have both been able to sustain our weight loss for over a year and a half and we feel healthy as ever. The best part is the life long habits that we built together. If we have a week or a few weeks where we get off balance, we know exactly what to do to get our bodies back on track, and we both look to the core guidance from the Rockout Results System.

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