Our friend Meghan has been POUNDing with us since the beginning – we could always count on her pretty face to be in the front row and as we rolled out our DVDs, she was always one of the first to buy! Life got crazy for Meg – and fast! She met and married the love of her life, Josh, and they just welcomed Wiley into the world!


We missed having Meghan in class – but we knew she was still rocking out with us at home with her new POUND Rockout Results System! She’d text us to check in and tell us how much she loved it – but it wasn’t until we saw her Rockout Results that we realized her incredible transformation! We asked Meghan to write a little bit about her journey with POUND. She’s made POUND an integral part of her lifestyle and we can’t wait for you to read her story:
Meg, Wiley, and Josh!
Let me just put this right out there… My name is Meghan, and I do NOT like to workout. There, I said it. Sorry, but it’s true. I’m incredulous of people who run for fun, and envious of (and confused by) those who have motivation to go the gym every day. I never found any type of workout enjoyable… Until I found POUND.


I discovered POUND a few years back when I started going to Kirsten and Cristina’s classes in LA. My first class experience was comical! By the third track, I couldn’t squat or lunge anymore because my legs were so sore, so you could definitely say I was “modifying”. And by the end of class, my whole body swayed and arms flailed like one of those neon inflatable creatures that advertise car sales and cell phone stores. It wasn’t pretty, but let me tell you, I was PUMPED! I was mouthing all the words to the songs and utterly surprised at how on-beat I was with my Ripstix!


You know how sometimes when you’re sure you totally botched a fitness class, you feel like everyone gives you awkward side-glances and judges you enough that you cower and never want to return? I remember looking around that whole room and not a single person gave me one of “those” looks. Instead, a bunch of people praised me for just going for it! It was my most positive, non-judgmental workout experiences to date. POUND, over the years, has shown me that a workout can be not only fun, but also supportive, friendly, and affirming. By my second class, my form and stamina were already infinitely better, and I just kept getting stronger. It was such an efficient and fun workout!


Since I started POUND about 4 years ago, I have gone through the standard human experience of life changes: Dating, marriage, new jobs, and most recently, a new baby! I’d always go to classes or, when my schedule got crazy, I’d rock out at home with Album 1 – and most recently, the POUND Rockout Results System. I took some time off of POUND during my pregnancy and I ended up unabashedly gaining 50 lbs of baby weight. Don’t get me wrong, I owned it! I’m a small person in the first place, and I was eating healthy, doing prenatal yoga, and walking a couple miles every day until my due date, so I think that was the amount of weight I was SUPPOSED to gain. But after gaining that weight with Wiley, I never in a million years dreamed I’d get back to pre-baby weight… but I did!
Meg and JoshPregnant MeghanMeg in POUNDMeg and wiley
I started going back to POUND classes a few months after Wiley was born. I went once a week, and it has become my favorite “me” time. Mom’s – you know what I’m talking about – when you’re taking care of a new baby, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. For me, my POUND class is a way to take an hour for myself, drum out some aggression, be active, and utterly rock out to music that makes me feel alive and excited! Ultimately, I lost ALL the baby weight. And my younger self would be shocked I was saying this, but it doesn’t even feel like I’m working out. It just feels fun.




Do YOU have a POUND Effect story? We want to hear it! Email [email protected] 🙂

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  1. About 3 years ago, my exercise instructor, THE Mrs. Stephanie Hobbs, bounced into class one morning (she literally BOUNCES! ?) and excitedly shared with us that she was going to be teaching a new class called Pound, which involved using weighted rip stix a.ka drumsticks. However, until our rip stix came in, we would improvise by using kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons, etc. Well, after a few strange looks & a few drop-outs later, a dedicated few joined in & hesitantly tried this new & strange class & I will admit, at first, it was very foreign to me & was unlike anything I had ever tried as far as fitness classes go. But, after about the 3rd class, I was hooked! With Stephanie’s energy, the bad ass music, and the fun routines/tracks, I found I couldn’t wait until the next class! With Pound, I could get in there, jam out for 45 minutes & not feel like I was working out at all! I walk out happier than when I went in & am ready to take on the day! I am 25lbs lighter, my cardiovascular health is absolutely amazing, and I feel better than ever! Thank you guys so much for creating & sharing this wonderful workout!

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