We’re giving you a special inside look at a day in the life of… well… us, the POUND Girls! Haha! We love keeping you guys updated on Instagram and Facebook when we’re out and about — and you pretty much know what we’re up to all the time (although we have a few sneaky tricks up our sleeves!).

Our friends at Zevia are holding a #ZeviaStyle contest that asks YOU to show how YOU SHINE! First of all, we OF COURSE are going to enter because we LOVE Zevia (we probably tweet to them EVERY SINGLE DAY) and also, we love contests that highlight how beautiful you are and ask you to show the world in what way you are proud of yourself! We thought about it long and hard and we agreed that WE shine brightest when we’re CREATING for YOU, our Posse! 🙂

Now, as you know, we create a lot of different things for you: POUNDtracks, silly instagram photos, workout worksheets, and MORE — but we happened to have a Tuesday Tweak film day last Friday, so we snapped a few pics behind-the-scenes to show YOU how we SHINE when creating our TUESDAY TWEAK videos!

8:00am – Choreography Session

Every day in the life of the POUND Girls is different — but more often than not, our days start with choreography!! We hop in the car together and drive over to the gym where we start the day listening to tons of music and crafting tracks. Although we’re not the EARLIEST birds in the nest 😉 we LOVE choreographing early in the day because the morning is when we feel most clear, mentally and physically ready to begin the day with some activity! Setting goals during choreography is also SUPER important for us — if we have an agenda and points that we have to hit before we head to the office, we are sure to get a TON done!

Our #ZeviaStyle is CREATING for YOU! Here's a day in the life filming tweaks!

10:30am – Arrive at the office

We get into the office in the morning and hop straight onto our computers to check emails, check in with YOU guys on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and to get as much done as possible before we start filming! Tweak days are always SUPER fun – but we can’t exactly answer emails while we’re on camera so we make it a priority to get as much done as early as possible to keep the day productive!

We don’t drink normal sodas but sometimes we crave that little bit of carbonation that sodas provide, especially to get us through long days. Our GO-TO is Zevia!! Not only does it taste AMAZING, but it also gives us a little pep in our step without the artificial sweeteners (which you know we avoid like the plague). We are HUGE advocates for stevia when we’re looking to add sweetness to anything – it provides 200x the sweetness of sugar without the calories AND it’s all natural. What’s not to LOVE?!

12:00pm – Make Up and Hair

Once the 12 o’clock hour rolls around, Amber arrives! If you’re a PRO, chances are you already know Amber! She may even be the Master Trainer who trained you at POUND Camp. Not only is Amber one of our Master Trainers, she is also one of our best friends and has been around since the very beginning of POUND. What you may not know is that Amber is ALSO a brilliant make-up artist outside of her POUND life!! We always have a few laughs (ok, a LOT of laughs) while she gets us all dolled up!

Our #ZeviaStyle is CREATING for YOU! Here's a day in the life filming tweaks!

Our #ZeviaStyle is CREATING for YOU! Here's a day in the life filming tweaks!

3:00pm – Quick Break In Between Tweaks

Believe it or not, we don’t wake up lookin’ like this (we know, UNbelieveable 😉 ) but after a couple hours of getting all pretty, we begin shooting tweaks. We’d LOVE to show you our set on the first tweak but that would give away your first tweak of September! Would we do that? No way, Jose!! So we snapped a quick picture in between takes.

CONFESSION: when we shoot tweaks, we shoot two in a day! We totally fooled you before, right?! To be productive, we get the whole month done in one day and that requires lots of coordination, help from our team at HQ, a couple costume changes, and LOTS of planning. In between takes, the team preps us for the next shoot or fills us in on any emails we may have missed in addition to briefing us on pressing items. We’re a well-oiled machine! (They also read quotes of the day and tell us jokes, which in turn, makes the office fill with ROARing laughter – our favorite!!)

Our #ZeviaStyle is CREATING for YOU! Here's a day in the life filming tweaks!

5:00pm – Wrap up Tweaks

After shooting tweaks, we shoot anything else we can possibly fit in! We love snappin’ selfies for you guys – but when we’re all made up, we take advantage! On this particular day, we shot a 30-second promo for one of our favorite conventions coming up and we were also totally ambushed by the team in a really cool video that may or may not be comin’ out later this week 😉 Stay tuned…

Once everything is shot and the camera is put away (and all the tweaks are eaten!), the office again goes quiet as we all type away and finish up our work for the day. The feeling of creating tweaks for you guys is unexplainable. We love putting our hearts into creating ways that you guys will be able to lead healthier and happier lives by incorporating the tiniest lifestyle changes. It seems silly, but these are changes that we had to make within ourselves, so to open up and share them with you feels like we’re sharing them with our best friends.

Now for the challenge: we’re challenging you, our BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, and DYNAMIC POUND POSSE to enter the #ZeviaStyle contest and share with them, with us, and with the world how you SHINE! It’s super simple, just post your #ZeviaStyle pics on any (or all) the social networks using #zeviastyle and you’ll be entered to win! Need inspiration? Check out www.zevia.com/stylecontest for ideas!

Instagram: @zevialife

Twitter: @zevia

Facebook: /zevia

Our pals aren’t leaving you empty-handed! They’re giving away OODLES of PRIZES including $100 Target Giftcards (WHAT THE WHAAAAT?!). We’re totally hopin’ to win too 😉 When you post your #zeviastyle pics, make sure to use #poundposse so we can find you too! Hurry and enter, the contest ends 9/5!

Shine on, beauties,

The POUND Girls

Our #ZeviaStyle is CREATING for YOU! Here's a day in the life filming tweaks!

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