Balanced Eats: All Hail Kale Caesar Salad

Check out our very first episode of Balanced Eats on Youtube and follow along with us as we whip up one of our very favorite lunch staples: All Hail Kale Caesar Salad!

Post-POUND Stretches

When we first started POUND, we found ourselves sore in places we didn’t even realize we were working!! Say goodbye to SORE with these four post-POUND stretches!

Hello February!

It’s February already?! This is what you’ll find this month on ROSE AVE and a few things YOU can try to make the most of every moment.

The POUND Effect: Mary Ellen Stansberry-Hodges

“At the heart of every life form there is rhythm.” – Evelyn Glennie We started this year with a bang, we’ve made a goal to #MAKENOISE — to set an attitude for 2015. There are people who inspire and drive you to MAKE NOISE and make a difference. Mary Ellen Stansberry-Hodges makes noise in everything […]

CONTEST: #TwoWeekTweak

  In celebration of #FreeYourselfFall, we’re bringing you two weeks packed with tweaks (Comfort Food Style!) and a special contest for our POUND POSSE!! Starting Monday, October 13th, we’re asking you to submit your OWN tweak! Think about your favorite comfort food — your go-to cheat meal — and find a way to tweak it, […]

Tuesday Tweak: Kids’ Lunch

There’s something funny that happens in the Fall. As soon as we realize that the sun is getting a little lazier comin’ up on time, we start to do the same… and so the slump into Winter begins. But, there might be certain little peeps runnin’ around your household that are just kickin’ things into […]

New Habits To Start Now!

Habits play a HUGE role in our daily lives — try these 5 new ones and set yourself up for success!

Talk Nerdy To Me: Alkalinity

  We love sneaking tips, tricks and tweaks into everything you read, and we believe that the more you know, the more you grow! HOWEVER, sometimes, when you dig around the internet a little too much, you find crappy information and feel even crappier about what you’re eating. “Wait, I SHOULDN’T be eating apples?” “Hold […]

Tuesday Tweak: 3-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

We all remember it: that feeling you got when you heard the ice cream truck’s jingle as it turned the corner onto your street when you were young. You felt the immediate ping of excitement (and panic) as you’d JET inside your house to grab 2 quarters out of your piggy bank so you could […]

Tuesday Tweak: GF Sweet Potato + Rosemary Waffles

Nothing – we repeat – NOTHING is better than brunch. It’s a magical time in the mid-morning when you meet up with your close friends and partake in this trendy hybrid meal at some super cool hotspot that not only offers an entire plethora of breakfast items to choose from, but also lunch items as […]

Tuesday Tweak: Not-So-Naughty Nectarine Cobbler

My, oh, my… do we love pie! Growing up in Arizona and Upstate New York, we both ate our share of all kinds of homemade pies crafted from the most delicious, local, flavorful ingredients. Apple, rhubarb, cherry, key lime, and even cactus fruit – we tried them all!! It’s safe to say that when we […]