REFRESH This March

It’s time to push the refresh button and prepare for the journey of a lifetime. Keep your eyes right HERE on our blog as we bring you tips and tricks to reset and refresh this spring! We’re preparing to take a journey together so tell us: What are your March goals?

Hello February!

It’s February already?! This is what you’ll find this month on ROSE AVE and a few things YOU can try to make the most of every moment.

The POUND Effect: Mary Ellen Stansberry-Hodges

“At the heart of every life form there is rhythm.” – Evelyn Glennie We started this year with a bang, we’ve made a goal to #MAKENOISE — to set an attitude for 2015. There are people who inspire and drive you to MAKE NOISE and make a difference. Mary Ellen Stansberry-Hodges makes noise in everything […]

Free Yourself Fall

Welcome to September and the beginning of our favorite season; FALL. It’s interesting that Fall has that name, because we do find ourselves “falling” into old habits and sinking into the “get us to the finish line”, aka end of the holiday season, state of mind. So in an attempt to stay mindful this Fall, […]

A Note to the Mamas

Moms: You run the WORLD! Some days, we feel like two moms. The little POUND baby we conceived, nursed, and nurtured is now feverishly running around in the world all by herself, and all we can do is chase after her at warp speed, with love, patience and understanding. And, it only gets more maternal […]

POUND Highlights of 2013

  It’s THROWBACK THURSDAY (yes, we’ve finally hopped on that bandwagon 😉 and instead of highlighting ONE special occasion in the past, we’ve decided to capture ALL our favorite highlights of 2013 — milestones that YOU made possible for us, our team, and the POUND POSSE!   From hiring our very first team member, to […]

The Great OZ: A Letter to the POUND POSSE

You know the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s house is picked up by a Tornado and whisked away into the sky? She’s terrified and has no control over anything? Every few moments, she sees glimpses of people she knows flying through the atmosphere and then lands abruptly in a far off land? […]

The Friday Feed: Room for Change

It’s Friday. Again. Yes, magically, the Fridays keep on a-comin’. They just don’t stop, do they? We’re often forced into the role of bystander as the weeks graciously and uncontrollably turn into months and years. “Where did the time go?,” we ask. Holy crap, really…where DID the time go? The thing about this question is […]

The Friday Feed: Nourish Yourself

Sometimes, we forget to nourish ourselves properly. And no, we’re not really talking about food here. We’re talking about good ol’ food for the soul. Growing a company has catapulted us into a tumultuous sea of travel, management, delegation and hustle. Often, our personal relationships, and the most important relationship, the one with ourselves, dwindle […]

The POUND Effect

Our lives are filled with stories. There are the silly ones we share on Facebook, the hidden ones we hope no one hears and the fleeting ones that are immediately forgotten. We’re here to tell you a story that YOU are a part of, one that has affected us and one that we can pass […]


We are so grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Campowerment in Malibu, CA! When we met Camp Director, Tammi Leader Fuller, we knew she was on to something special. Campowerment is active, fun, community-building, and inspirational – key ingredients for what we strive for in our POUNDLife! Take a look at this KTLA News clip […]