Post-POUND Stretches

When we first started POUND, we found ourselves sore in places we didn’t even realize we were working!! Say goodbye to SORE with these four post-POUND stretches!

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The POUND Effect: Holly and Joey

We’re about to tell you about one of our favorite love stories. It wasn’t written by Disney or Mother Goose, but it is a true fairytale. It’s one we’ve been able to watch over the last couple of years, and recently, it’s one that we’ve seen transform right in front of our eyes. We’re so inspired […]


It was a summer day, we walked out of an office in OC and stepped into the future of POUND. Our dreams were finally being realized: we had an opportunity to create the at-home POUND experience we always dreamed of. Something that would complete the POUND lifestyle, reach millions and change the lives of many.

The POUND Effect: Brittany Hall

We love hearing from our #POUNDPosse all over the world and ironically, we find some of our best success stories on the platform that ONLY allows 140 characters! We saw Brittany’s story when she tweeted us before and after pictures of her AMAZING transformation and immediately asked us to tell us more! Look at her […]

CenterStage: Joyce Rena Wong

Today, we’re taking a moment to shine the spotlight on one of the spunkiest, brightest, most genuine POUND Pros in our family: Joyce Wong from New York City! The coolest part about Joyce (which is almost impossible to pick, mind you) is that she did NOT start off as a group fitness instructor! We’ve seen […]

Foraged Berry Raw Cheesecake

In the POUND world, if you really love someone, you cook for them. We both love nurturing our friends, families, boyfriends and each other with tasty and nutritious meals- it’s just part of the POUND culture. Food is like a second language to us- you can literally say anything to anyone with the right dish! […]


  It is with GREAT pride that we invite you to the NEW and IMPROVED POUNDFIT.COM   For years, we’ve been aching to capture the love , encouragement and camaraderie we see in POUND classes all over the world, and now, we are doin it – ONLINE!!   THE FACE OF THE BRAND:   The […]