Summer Bucket List: 5 Favorite Outdoor Activities

It seems like summer passes us by in the blink of an eye (yes! even in CA!) so we check off out Summer Bucket List to make sure we’re outside and getting our Vitamin D when we aren’t traveling all over the place meeting our incredible POUND Posse!

Island-Inspired Summer Skewers

The POUND Girls’ Rules of Summer: 1) You’ve gotta take care of your skin. 2) You’ve gotta grill somethin’. Yes, we’ve narrowed it down to two rules — we’re simple like that — and today, we’re zooming in on the latter. Prepare to get hot n’ heavy on the GRILL. Let’s get Kebabby with it, […]

Music Monday: Summer Playlist

Sun shining. Windy roads. Windows down. Music UP! Feels like summer — right posse? Close your eyes and imagine it with us: Feel the warmth of the sun, the wind blowin’ through your hair, and your heart filled by the sound of your favorite new song. If we could bottle this feeling to revel in […]

Tuesday Tweak: Refreshing Popsicles

The first hints of color are already emerging from the depths of winter…or maybe this is only happening in our neighborhood. (Sorry about that, guys.) In either case, we’re hinting at the impending Spring weather with a healthy and refreshing TWEAKED popsicle recipe that will hydrate your body, brighten your skin and put a pep in your step! We […]