Together, we have redefined human connection, positive attitude, self-talk and kindness. From sweaty selfies with your posse, mantras to live by, to buying lunch for a complete stranger—you have exceeded our expectations with your random acts of kindness, support for one another and dedication. It’s brought us closer together as a global family.

We had a blast watching your journey, and now it’s time to share your individual story and how you committed yourself, made NOISE, spread the love and connected with our GLOBAL community to create #onebeatheardaroundtheworld.

To enter, answer the below questions and one lucky TOURmate will win two roundtrip tickets to Los Angeles, a 3-night stay and $500 worth of Adidas® gear!

Submissions are due June 30th and a winner will be chosen by July 15th!

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. Tell us a little about who you are, where you’re from and your POUND journey!

  2. Are you a POUND Pro?

  3. How did you incorporate POUND into your workout regime? Live classes, ONE BEAT WORLD TOUR quickies, Rockout Results System, Album 1?

  4. What was your WHY behind joining TOUR? What inspired or motivated you to join ONE BEAT WORLD TOUR?

  5. Tell us about the JOURNEY. What did you learn during ONE BEAT WORLD TOUR? Did any of your workout or eating habits change along the way? How do you feel today vs. 30 days ago?

  6. Who did you meet on TOUR? HUMAN CONNECTION was a big part of this year’s challenge. Who did you meet on tour? What did you learn about them and how did making new connections with people change your TOUR experience?

  7. What positive changes did you make? What was your favorite weekly note or challenge? How did it help shift your perspective or change your day?

  8. How did you MAKE NOISE during TOUR? Which social platform do you primarily use and what is your handle? What did you do to connect with TOURmates and positively affect their lives? Include any links to specific posts you’d love for us to see.

  9. Tell us your favorite TOUR Story! What was one of your favorite moments or interactions on TOUR?

*The link directs to a third-party site, Submittable, that makes it simple for us to collect and vet submissions. By creating an account below through Submittable, you will be able to log in and edit your entry before submitting. If you’d prefer to send your answers and images via email, you can send your entry to: tourtosummer@poundfit.com Please include any of your favorite posts or images!