Marni Hallet set out to make a real change during Tour To Summer. She set these goals: to lose a few pounds, gain strength, tone up and gain definition, increase flexibility, gain confidence, and improve her endurance and motivation to succeed. Those are not small goals – she set her sights high and she committed.

“It was a very harsh winter for me, both physically and mentally. I tried my hardest to keep up with exercising and making healthy decisions, but in the end I felt like I let myself go. I felt out of shape, was unmotivated and started to fall into depression. I bought the POUND Rockout Results System after my Aunt recommended it to me. Unfortunately, it sat there for about a month, barely used due to pure laziness… until my aunt told me about Tour to Summer. THAT’S when I decided I needed to make a change immediately and this was how I was going to do it.” And do it, she did.

Marni Hallett is the winner of our First Annual Tour to Summer!

You may also know her as @thefashionistabarista! We’re so proud of the accomplishments Marni has made through the last 60 days — and blown away by her transformation inside and out. What helped her succeed? “Everything from the B.A.L.A.N.C.E.D. guide, fitness/workout journal, and the incredibly fun workouts was enough to help me accomplish these goals! However, I think what helped me most of all was the use of social networks to connect with the Pound Posse and Kirsten and Cristina. I always do better with a team when it comes to working out, and this Tour group was special. I’ve never felt so motivated to succeed! I have made so many friends along the way while smashing through every single one of my goals and improving more than I ever thought I could.”


Marni’s transformation is incredible – but the confidence and happiness that began to show through her Instagram posts shined brighter than any before and after picture. “I knew my body had been changing and that I had lost some weight, but I had no idea just how drastic the changes were until the end comparison. I was blown away when I put my before and after pictures side by side. The definition I gained in my stomach, actual oblique lines and the beginning of what I assume will be full blown abs as I keep pushing through my journey with another round of POUND. I actually got a little teary eyed when I saw just how much my hard work over the last 60 days had paid off. I am slimmer, tighter and more defined all over! My bathing suit that I wore in the pictures is now way too big on me! I knew it was going to be difficult mentally to bare all in a bathing suit, but I’m so happy I did. It shows off all the hard work and just looking at the pictures has me beaming with pride and confidence. I did that, I made that happen and it’s an incredible feeling!”

Basically the best riff and most fun floor track from #jamsession. I’m obsessed. Wish I could post the whole thing, it gets wild! #Poundposse, what is your favorite track from jam sesh?#poundtour #happyhealthy #makenoise

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We watched as Marni went through a full transformation. Soon after beginning Tour, she was checking in about workouts, food, her motivation, how proud she was of her peers, how happy she felt in her relationship, and how excited she was for the future. That made our hearts smile. Seeing the internal changes and growth is just as exciting as watching the outside transformation to the body.

“During Tour I really lost a lot more than weight. I lost that negative voice that had been living inside my head, nit picking every inch of my body and mind. I lost the girl who would be too lazy to move from the couch to make a delicious balanced meal and just ordered Chinese from her iPad instead. I lost my ability to find every excuse I could to not work out and make healthy decisions.”

“I gained a beaming self-confidence that had been hiding for far too long. I gained an even stronger appreciation of music and what it can do for someone’s body and mind. I gained a drive that was stronger than ever. I gained strength not only physically, but also mentally. It’s going to take a lot to knock this new and improved Marni down!”

Lunch today: Blueberries, strawberries, almonds, goat cheese, spinach and a little balsamic vinegar???#balancedeats #poundtour #happyhealthy A photo posted by Marni Star (@thefashionistabarista) on

A really awesome part of Marni’s story is how her boyfriend Tom supported her through thick and thin. We know that you need support from the people closest to you to make big changes in your life — and Tom stepped up. “My amazing boyfriend Tom helped with all the different recipes from the B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Guide and he’s now even more obsessed with oatmeal and makes overnight oats with me every other night! He made sure that I got my workout in for the day and let me know how much my hard work was paying off. He said he’s never seen me more happy and motivated while doing a workout program.”


Believe it or not, Marni had never taken a POUND class before doing Tour to Summer! She was all set with her Rockout Results system and had gotten a taste from her aunt – but she dove in with gusto like we’ve never seen! “I was so excited to finally get to experience Ripstix when I bought the POUND Rockout Results System! When I hold my Ripstix I immediately feel empowered, like I can take on anything. I also get the urge to start drumming on every surface I see. I feel like a rockstar when I’m drumming along to a really good track with my Ripstix. I feel like I could be in front of a huge crowd, showing off my awesome beats and my awesome moves. I never thought a pair of bright green weighted drumsticks were what I needed to push myself to go as hard as I could and make as much noise as I could during a workout. They are the best!”

Before&After #poundcore. I KILLED that workout! Felt this shirt that one of my wonderful regulars at work gave me was super fitting for this week’s ‘across the pond’ theme. Cannot believe it’s Day 44 of 60. I haven’t had this much confidence in a very long time. Strength and happiness is a good look on us, #poundposse ❤️???? #POUNDtour #poundselfie #progress #happyhealthy #ripstix

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“POUND, to me, means strength, unity, power, positivity and self-love. I’ve never felt stronger, physically or mentally, while doing a workout program. The community that POUND has brought together is incredible. It’s full of the most kind, positive, motivating and inspiring people. There is so much happiness and positivity flowing through POUND and straight into us. It’s amazing. I’m glowing with all the good feelings!”

“I think this is the happiest and most proud I have been with myself, and my fellow POUND peers. I’ve truly fallen in love with POUND and everything that comes with it!”


Day 59 of 60 is in the books. Killed that bassline&ab encore. I figured it was the perfect day to thank all of the amazing women I’ve gotten to know in the #poundposse during this #POUNDtour that have motivated and inspired me to show up and work my hardest. I’m so proud of everyone for making noise and being incredible. I’ve learned so much from all of you and I really appreciate the amazing support you guys provide. I cannot wait to see everyone keep pushing forward once Tour to Summer ends. You are all my #wcw, thank you for everything ❤️??? #fitfam #babesquad A photo posted by Marni Star (@thefashionistabarista) on

Marni, we’re so excited to invite you to LA and we’re so proud of your #ROCKOUTRESULTS! Your attitude and commitment are inspiring and you deserve a HUGE Ripstix of applause! Thank you for taking this huge journey with us and trusting yourself to push past all your boundaries and achieve such an incredible accomplishment. You should be very proud – we are!

Kirsten and Cristina

PS. Posse – give her a Ripstix of applause in the comments below!

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