Good Morning POUND POSSE!

Tomorrow, you will embark on the very first 60-day TOUR TO SUMMER with thousands of your POUND sisters and brothers! We’re kicking off the tour in sunny California and letting the Beach Boys inspire us — so don’t worry we’ll all be Beach Boys and California Girls in no time!

We’re making a promise to you today: This TOUR will be the most badass fitness challenge you have ever been on.

We promise to support you and motivate you every day of the week and we’ll give you a new focus each week so you walk away with more than a banging beach body. You’ll learn how to overcome old habits and infuse new ones into your everyday life.

Take a look into the future and visualize what you want at the end of this journey.

We know how scary a journey like this can be and because we appreciate your commitment, we had a few friends send over a loving send off. These ladies went through the same journey that you are you about begin. They know what you’re up against and they’re about to do it again — this time, with you!

“You can do this guys! The 60 days flies by in a flash but if you can commit yourself to 60 days of eating right and Rocking Out then you WILL see results. I did. And I had fun while losing 30 pounds in just two short months! In fact, I’m committing to do it again with you to help me shed the last little bit of baby weight and to prove that you can do it! Good luck and have a blast Pounding it out!” — Hollie Lobosky

“Congratulations! Welcome to the best shape and fitness of your life!!! The most incredible part is you won’t even know that you’re even working hard when you are doing it!! It’ll be fun!! Energizing!! And if you stick to it, you’ll see the results — Trust me… ” — Daheli Hall

“You are in for an incredible experience! Be consistent on this journey and stick with it! On days when you’re not feeling your 100%, dig deep and know that YOU ARE much stronger than you think. The results will come. Trust the process and most importantly HAVE FUN!” — Christie Joyce

“I can’t say enough good things about this program. Initially 60 days sounded like a long time to challenge my body. I was nervous about being able to stay strict on my diet and disciplined with the exercise regimen for the full 2 month period. I had done other challenges in the past and seen short term results but the Pound 60 day challenge surpassed other results by far and has been the first time I have sustained results at 100%! My body was happier and I was happier because I was making healthier choices every day. I was able to build habits and make lifestyle changes in both my diet and exercise routines that I plan to stick with forever. I am such an advocate for this program because it is brilliantly engineered to work. I’m excited for each and every person who embarks on this challenge and puts themselves first during the process. Do it for no one else but yourself and the love and appreciation you have for your body. You won’t regret it! Good Luck!” — Holly Benevente

A few things before we get started tomorrow!

Prep for the week:

Prep as many meals as you can!! You can use your Balance Guide or check out a few recipes here for Breakfast and Lunch.

Grab your Journal and Calendar:

Grab your 60 Day Journal and Tour To Summer Calendar. It’s really helpful to track your progress. It also feels great to check off a box at the end of the day and track water and meals!

Make sure you take your before photos today!

  • Throw on a bathing suit or a sports bra and shorts.
  • Stand against a white or neutral colored wall with good lighting.
  • Take a photo directly facing the camera and if your comfortable, turn and take one facing backwards.

If you’re comfortable, you can post it on social media and hashtag #poundtour. Who knows, you might inspire someone to join Tour with you! And remember, you’ll need this photo for the final submission form.

Follow us on Social Media:

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We’ll be checking in with you every day so make sure you’re with us on all platforms!

Don’t forget to hashtag away: #poundtour #rockoutresults

We cannot wait to see what you accomplish over the next 60 days, so make sure you’re set up for success!

Kirsten and Cristina

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