Hey there POUND POSSE. We’re about to hit a very significant milestone in TOUR TO SUMMER. You’re almost half way. Give yourself the BIGGEST pat on the back! You deserve it! Are you ready for the next 30 days? The second half is where the magic happens. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

These ladies sweat through it, struggled through it, and triumphed past the finish line. They had their down days, but they always had each other to lean on.

Today, they’re here for YOU.


 Angela's inspiring journey!From Angela:

Hey Pound Posse! Congrats on making it to the halfway point! By Day 30, I was feeling really strong and couldn’t believe the results I had seen so far. Not only did I feel difference in my overall health, I was seeing the difference in my appearance as well. And I wasn’t the only one who noticed. As I reached the half way point I was getting a lot of positive comments from my friends and coworkers. I felt like I was on cloud 9! I worked so hard and gave the first 30 days everything I got and was so happy with the results.

My biggest piece of advice is to celebrate the small successes along the journey, but realize that the battle isn’t over yet. Try to give the 2nd 30 days of the program, the same amount of intensity and drive that you gave your first 30. Before you know it, your small successes will become even larger!

Kim's incredible journey!

From Kim:

You’re half way there, you Pounders! Stick with it! I lost 12 lbs in six weeks and by stickin’ to the great recipes — and I’ve lost 30lbs total by POUNDing it out 3x a week since the program! I feel fantastic! I’ve stopped eating fast food and really have gotten into cooking for myself. The food’s much better and I’m enjoying doing that. I really, really love Pound so keep it up! You’ll change your life and have a great time doing so.


WEEK 1 TEST DONE. I already see and feel a difference all around. I’m definitely much stronger especially my upper body. This second test week is a repeat of last week but I know this time around I’ll blow my numbers out the water. After this second week then the real work outs begin. Strength training, endurance #running, and #PoundFit….I have a long journey ahead but I finally found my niche in the #fitness world. @ashley.horner @thepoundgirls

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From Christie:

Halfway through the challenge, I was feeling determined. I committed to completing the full 60 days, so I decided to give it my all for the remainder of the program. No questions asked. Even with my renewed sense of determination, I questioned the journey I was on. Was I working out hard enough? Am I starting to see results? Most importantly, does this program really work? But because I started to really feel positive changes on the inside (sleeping better, stronger, increased mental focus), I kept with the program. Little did I know that those changes were slowly transforming me on the outside.   When I saw my Before and After pictures, I think I forgot how to breathe at that moment! I could not believe how much I transformed! I was staring at 2 completely different people. I wanted to cry for so many reasons, but mainly because I knew I accomplished something huge. I was able to move my entire self in a new and positive direction. The Rockout Results System helped to show me what is possible for my life when it comes to being healthy and fit.   Day-to-day it’s hard to see huge results, but just know that YES it’s working! You’re teaching yourself how to take care of your mind and body throughout these 60 days. That, right there, is CHANGE! Focus on that. The physical changes will happen as a result of allowing the process to take its course. Keep going strong!!


  Believe you can, and you are halfway there. Jumping for joy in how far I have come on my fitness journey. Thank you @thepoundgirls and my #poundposse family for all the empowering love & support. #NTCtourLA #poundpro #fitness #nikewomen #rockoutresults #fitfam #justdoit #ntc #nike A photo posted by Holly Benavente (@hollywood0785) on

From Holly:

At Day 30, I really began to see changes in the way my body was asking for natural clean food and no longer craving refined flour and sugar. I began feeling so much more in tune with my body — mentally, physically, and emotionally. I still had days where I woke up tired or sore, but every time I wanted to sleep in or skip a workout, I remembered how far I had come already and how much all my hard work was already paying off.

I used my halfway mark as a time to reflect on what I had already accomplished and focus on the results I still wanted to see. I was nervous about peaking like I had with previous workout programs so I stepped it up with my workout intensity and balanced eating. I didn’t allow myself to slip up on any of the healthy choices I had been making — no birthday party, client dinner, or night of drinking was going to mess with my hard work.

Congrats on hitting the 30 day mark, POUNDtour Posse! You should be so proud of all your hard work and self control. I hope at day 30 you are walking with a little more pep in your step — feeling stronger from your workouts and energized from your balanced eating. This last half of the challenge is when you really need to push yourself even harder to see the best results your body can achieve. If you feel like you have slacked at all in the first half, forget about that and move forward with determination. Stay true to yourself and your goals and make each day count as you continue your journey. You got this!!

So tell us, how are you feeling? What do you need help with? What’s the most exciting thing that has happened to you so far? 🙂

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