We’re all about making noise.

It’s just common sense: 4 Ripstix are louder than 2. POUND with friends is louder, it’s a team, it’s accountability, it’s a community.

We drum away the walls we put up and we become vulnerable with each other because POUND is our safe place. We make friends and connections because we’re all part of the band. We push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion and reach goals that, at first, seemed impossible.

We’re seven weeks into Tour and stronger than ever.

The Beatles conquered the world – and they did it together. They were all very different men but complimented, supported, and worked together. They sang about love, friendship, loss, loneliness, triumph – they connected with every single person and continue to do so generations afterwards. Their music transcends time because it’s simple but real.

We’re inspired by simple and real — and by community. We share our message of love and support just as they did: simply. #MAKENOISE. We want to motivate, celebrate, and connect. Pick up your cell phone and call your partner in crime. Tell them you love them. Pay it forward.

Because we all…. need a little help from our friends.

The POUND Girls

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