Guess what? You only have 4 days left!

The amount of effort and transformation we’ve seen through your social media check-ins over the last 60 days is mind blowing.

When we started thinking about Tour To Summer, we were inspired by Almost Famous, one of our favorite movies. We realized that the ups and downs of a music tour mimics, almost directly, the journey to achieving a goal. Then we thought about our favorite rock icons from the 60’s and that’s when Tour To Summer came alive. We let the music be our road map and we loved sharing our favorite artists, songs, and quotes with you to help motivate you through your 60 days.

To us, TOUR means:

  • BALANCE – you all learned to try new foods, experiment with new recipes, change the proportions on your plate, and make healthy choices when you eat out.
  • NOISE – you killed your daily workouts, making more noise each day and getting stronger with each hit. The best part about that noise is the smile on your face the whole time you’re makin’ it!
  • BAND – you guys banded together like the POUND posse we know and love. You are all such strong, dedicated, unique individuals with so much to offer. You embraced each other and always kept an encouraging, supporting attitude.

We couldn’t have predicted how many of you would follow along with us and really dedicate yourselves to making noise in live classes and with the POUND Rockout Results System. We loved the community that you created among yourselves, supporting each other through each workout, your struggles, your victories, and your new “official ripstix” pose!

Keep an eye here for your Encore coming later this week AND the submission form where you can enter to win a trip for 2 to Venice Beach! What was your favorite part of Tour? Tell us below!

Make the last few days the BEST yet!

Peace, love, and road trips,

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