It’s officially week eight! Can you believe it?!

We’re so proud of your incredible progress so far! Your check-ins show us that you’ve found your sound. You’re ROCKING harder than ever, learning and experimenting with new food combinations, and making new friends and goals along the way. Frank Sinatra “faced it all, and stood tall, and did it MY way” — just like we are.

When we created POUND, we were searching for something that didn’t exist for us. Something that would motivate us, encourage balance and ultimately help us evolve into healthier and happier human beings. Instead of swearing off certain foods or activities, or trying diet after diet, we decided to try different things until something felt right. The thing we love most about POUND is that it meets you where you are and allows you to pick and choose what works best for you – because your success matters most. So far, you’ve learned an approach to food that is balance, whole, tasty and attainable. You committed to honoring your body and giving it the time it needs every day. You dug deep to stay motivated and inspired throughout your journey. For this, you should be very proud!

So as we move into the final 10 days of TOUR, we want you to focus on what you’ve learned, what works for you, and commit to those adjustments forever. This week is all about YOU and doing it YOUR WAY!

Take time this week to look inwards. Pay close attention to your habits, your wants, your needs and everything in between. Visualize your future and create the person you want to be. This is YOUR week. YOUR time. And the last push to the finish line.

You got this.

Kirsten and Cristina

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  1. Girl power. I am so proud of both of you. I know you are inspiring today’s young girls and ladies. Going thru chemo myself doesn’t make the journey easier. I still battle everyday being positive, run the track and lift some weights. I gave up crossfit since I was not able to lift and squarts, but, I still need to get all the toxins out of my system. Hence, I will have to keep exercising.

    I wish there’s someone you know teaching Pound and I love to invite the instructor and welcome you ladies to do a live demo at my studios in Chicago and Orlando. Do you know any instructor who may teach Pound at these places? I welcome phone calls 786 777 8767. God bless ladies on your tour. If I can do it with tremendous pain and feel good and proud of my gifts and abilities, so should you!

    1. Hey Nancy! We’re so sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time. It sounds like you have an incredible attitude, and we know you’re staying very strong! 🙂 We’d love to help you host a demo class at one of your studios! Feel free to shoot our team an email at [email protected] so we can help you coordinate! One thing we know is that POUND brings smiles to everyone’s face — we hope to bring one to yours! xo

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